Microsoft: Gamers Have Spent Over 840 Million Hours Playing Xbox One Backward Compatible Games

Backward compatibility is one of the most celebrated features of Xbox One and Microsoft has been supporting it by adding more and more games to the backward compatible list. With so many games in the backward compatibility list, one may wonder how much time gamers would have spent on Xbox One backward compatible games.

Well, Microsoft has the answer to that, according to the company, gamers have spent over 840 million hours playing Xbox one backward compatible games.

The community has played more than 840 million hours of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Compatibility is important to Xbox, to developers and their games, and our community. Preserving the art form of video games is part of our DNA, which is why Xbox One is the only console designed to play the best games of the past, present and future.

Speaking of Microsoft, the company has revealed that it won’t block mouse and keyboard for Xbox One. According to the company, the reason why they don’t block is that the company has always wanted the developers to have the freedom in the way they want to develop their games.

Furthermore, the use of mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One can be helpful for the players with accessibility issues. While there is no official support for these peripherals on Xbox One but, Microsoft has announced that it will officially support them.

Furthermore, Final Fantasy 15 director, Hajime Tabata has revealed that the next Xbox and PS5 will be cloud-based consoles.

According to Tabata, the game consoles will evolve and follow the steps of the film and music industry which has embraced the streaming services.

Do you think backward compatibility for Xbox One is an important feature? Should Microsoft keep on supporting it in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Xbox

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