How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise

This is a detailed guide on How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise. It includes all of Rajang’s stats, including weaknesses, resistances, affinities, breakable body parts, and a suitable strategy for taking down this Fanged Beast in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise

Rajang is a fanged beast that was first introduced in Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion.

It can be found in various regions, including Volcanoes, Snowy mountains, and the Gorge.

Rajang is an ultra-aggressive creature that few have a chance of surviving against.

It sports powerful arms that pack a punch and turns gold when enraged.

The Rajang is a very dangerous foe to take on without learning about its weaknesses and attack patterns first.

We will be going over all of its attack patterns as well as its weaknesses, so you can have a better chance at slaying the monster.

Attack Patterns

  • Rajang uses a sweeping attack where it pushes forward while sweeping his arms five times. The fifth and final swing will end with a ground slam which can cause tremors within a close range.
  • When Enraged, Rajang uses a ground slam attack which causes shock waves and has tremendous power.
  • Rajang also has a breathing attack where it lets out beams of light in the direction he is facing. These beams also inflict a lot of damage.
  • It can also jump in the air and spit out lightning at the hunter, which causes the Thunderblight effect.
  • Rajang has a roar attack where it becomes enraged and can knock you back even if you have level 5 earplugs equipped.
  • It also has a slam attack that can cause the ground to break and the hunter to trip.

Weaknesses and Resistances
The Rajang is very weak against Ice attacks.

Do note that using traps against the Rajang is a bad idea. The Rajang can even attack out of a Pitfall trap.

The horns, front legs, and tail of a Rajang are breakable, which makes the battle a lot easier as it reduces the beast’s dodging abilities. Breaking its tail early on helps reducing its maneuverability a lot.

Rajang Battle Tips

Take thunder-resistant gear with you so you can nullify the Rajang’s elemental effect attacks.

Start the fight by going for its head and arms, as those are its weak points when it’s not enraged. Once enraged, the Rajang turns to a golden shade, and then you have to target its body and tail.

You can avoid the Rajang’s powerful ground slam attack by either moving behind it or rolling in the direction of the impact. Note that if you move to its back, the Rajang will sometimes quickly jump and change his direction.

The lightning beam can also be dodged by moving to the side just before it executes the attack.

As the battle progresses, focus on its tail and head as damaging those will inflict the most damage and keep the monster from making evasive maneuvers. You need to use ice attacks to break Rajang’s tail.

Flash bombs can work against it, but the Rajang tends to counter-attack with a sweep attack whenever it is blinded.