How to Defeat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

In this guide, we will be walking you through all the steps and telling you exactly how to Defeat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise. If you have been struggling with this monster, our MHR Great Izuchi boss guide should help you out.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Boss

Belonging to the Monster Class – Bird Wyvern, Great Izuchi is one of the three monsters that were also featured in the MHR Demo. Though it is a relatively easier boss to defeat, being too careless against it can cost you your precious time.

Therefore, we have our guide below that goes over Great Izuchi’s fighting style and the tips that you can follow to beat this monster.

Attacks and Behavior

  • Great Izuchi tends to travel with two smaller Izuchis whom it controls at all times.
  • Both Great Izuchi and its companions can use their scythe-like tails to perform various hits.
  • One of Great Izuchi’s tail attacks involves spinning its tail three times before striking you with it.
  • Great Izuchi is extremely agile; it can backflip or swing its whole body with great ease.
  • Both Great Izuchi and the smaller Izuchis can spit out particles like rocks and pebbles towards you. However, Great Izuchi can use this ability at a far greater range.
  • When dealt with consecutive hits, Great Izuchi can bail on you with its companions, so make sure to chase it down wherever it goes.

Great Izuchi Fight Tips

Take Out the Smaller Izuchis First!
As soon as the battle starts, what you should do is focus on the Great Izuchi’s two companions. Otherwise, they can be a real nuisance.

Eliminate them one by one, and then go at Great Izuchi with all your strength. It will keep on summoning a couple of smaller versions of itself throughout the battle, so whenever it does, just repeat the same steps.

Watch Out for Great Izuchi’s Tail Moves!
Throughout the course of the battle, Great Izuchi shows little variety in its moves, so its fighting style is very predictable.

However, as mentioned above, its attack in which it spins its tail three times in a row can be highly damaging. So, to avoid hefty damage, you must either dodge or block that attack.

As for the other tail attacks and the spit attack, they will mainly just scratch you and don’t dish out nearly half as much damage.

Play smart!
While ensuring that you keep Great Izuchi busy by continuously attacking it, it’s also imperative that you preserve your stamina for situations when things get dirty.

Moreover, if your HP ever drops below the danger level during the battle, don’t procrastinate backing away for a bit and healing yourself. Doing so might save you another go with Great Izuchi!