Overwatch 2 Rumored To Be In Beta

Overwatch 2 more or less exists in name alone as Blizzard Entertainment never got around to share any details about the anticipated sequel. That may perhaps be on the verge of change based on new findings.

Following a recent update, data miners noticed new files reading “prov2” (via Dexerto) that may as well mean nothing. Crazed fans though believe the files to be in reference to Overwatch 2. The theory further spans to claim that Blizzard may possibly be getting the Battle.net launcher ready for an early beta build.

The developer has not announced any such plans. However, if the fan-crafted theory does come true, invitations should be going out soon for those interested in play-testing Overwatch 2 and relaying crucial feedback. An early beta will also suggest an official release to be taking place sooner than expected.

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019 without any release date or release window. The sequel was rumored to be targeting a release in late 2020 and which is why the new data-mined files have everyone excited. That being said, with the holiday season around the corner, expecting any fresh details about the game will likely take place next year.

What is known about Overwatch 2 comes from director Jeff Kaplan who stated last year that the sequel will launch with fewer characters compared to the first game. Overwatch, while boasting more than thirty characters at present, was released with 21 playable characters. Based on what Kaplan noted, the sequel will hence see the light of day with a playable roster of over a dozen characters at best.

Interestingly, a retailer listing from a few months back hinted Overwatch 2 to be a full-priced game. Blizzard has stated the sequel to be a lot bigger in scale by featuring more maps and even a dedicated story mode with four-player cooperative missions. There was still a bit of assumption that Overwatch 2 might possibly not carry a full $60 price tag.

Even that retail price might be increased if Blizzard decides a next-generation release which the developer has not mention. Overwatch 2, at least reportedly, remains in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been hinted about a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release where many publishers have been considering an increased $70 retail price for next-generation games.

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