How to Get to Tarantula Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing has more than just your home island to be explored. With secret islands spread about, having certain conditions needed to bet met prior to being accessed, the game can get really exciting. Some of these secret islands can essentially be gold mines for the players. One of these islands is the Tarantula Island and here we will show you How to Get to Tarantula Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Get to Tarantula Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tarantula Island is home to; you guessed it, scary tarantulas, that sell for a lot in the Nook’s Cranny.

Getting to Tarantula Island
Getting to a mystery island isn’t very easy and requires luck, along with the fulfillment of certain conditions. Tarantulas are only found in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of November and April, and in the Southern Hemisphere between the months of May and October.

One other thing, set yourself up for the time between 7PM to 4AM, and go to the airport. Buy a Nook Miles Ticket, fly away and test your luck out. If you find a lot of spiders in the center, it means you succeeded.

Catching Tarantulas
Before you set out on your journey, make sure to have removed all non-essential items from your inventory and clear out as much space as you can for as many Tarantulas as possible.

Time to get on the island and farm some Tarantulas. Head on out and start to get closer to your target; at one point, it will start to get scared and if you approach it too fast, it will pounce at you causing you to faint. Whenever that happens, simply stop moving. Repeat this process until you are close enough and then use your net to capture a Tarantula.

The first Tarantula will have to be turned in to the museum after which the Nooks will buy each one of these Tarantulas for 8000 bells each.

Other Resources
You can also clear the island out for any other resources. Eat the fruit to gain some strength and start farming away anything you see. Pluck the flowers, chop some wood off and head back when ready.

More Mystery Islands
Tarantula Island is just one of the many mystery islands you will be visiting in your playthrough of Animal Crossing. If you end up on another island during your excavation, then know that other islands can possess valuable goods too, such as rare flowers, or rare fish, and valuable butterflies. Keep an eye out for all these unique things on an island; most of them are worth staying for.