How to Farm Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Iron Nuggets are necessary to open Nook’s Cranny in and you need 30 pieces of Iron Nuggets for the purpose. This Animal Crossing: New Horizon Iron Nugget Farming Guide will tell you where to find Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizon; in detail.

How to Farm Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are a number of ways through which you can get Iron Nuggets, we have listed them below

Mystery Tours
By hitting the rocks on the Islands when you go on mystery tours you can harvest random materials including Clay, Gold and Iron Nuggets. An axe or shovel is used to hit the rocks.

Although you do have rocks on your island as well, these islands have more rocks in number and thus greater chance of yielding an Iron Nugget. This bounty from hitting the rocks resets every time you visit the island as opposed to your own island where it resets after a day.

One problem with this method of grinding iron nuggets is that each time you hit the rock, you bounce backwards, away from the rock, which makes the process very slow.

To make it more efficient, dig two holes just behind yourself, with yourself between the rock and the two holes. That’ll prevent you from bouncing backward and allow you to shake all loot out of the rock quickly.

Shooting Balloons
The presents dropped by shooting down balloons have a chance of giving you an Iron Nugget as well, though the balloons are very rare.

You need to shoot them down using a Slingshot to drop the present. Check the present to find a random material item, hopefully, Iron Nugget too.

Very rarely, you can also get an Iron Nugget by talking to an NPC. For instance, you’ll receive 5 Iron Nuggets from one of the other residents when you are making Nook’s Cranny; to help you complete the 30 Iron Nuggets you need. Because of its low chance, this isn’t really an efficient method of farming iron nuggets.

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