Code Vein Haze Farming Guide – Get 8000 Haze in a Single Run

Haze is the currency used in Code Vein. By defeating enemies, players can farm Haze, which they can then use to earn XP, buy materials, and augment themselves to become stronger than they currently are. Most of all, however, Haze is absolutely necessary when it comes to Gifts in Code Vein.

With the use of Haze (and some other, unique materials you must collect) you can improve the proficiency and abilities of your Gifts, giving you a greater arsenal of attacks and abilities.

Code Vein Haze Farming

You do not immediately claim Haze after defeating enemies, much like Dark Souls, you must go to a Bonfire – in this case, a Mistle.

Once you reach a Mistle, you can claim all the accumulated XP. One thing to note is that if a player dies while exploring a dungeon, the farmed Haze they collected will be dropped off at that point – it can be reclaimed.

However, if a player were to die a second time before reaching a Mistle, then that Haze is lost forever!

The interesting thing about upgrading in this game is that, unlike other games where players can level up individual abilities or stats, upgrading yourself via Haze upgrades you entirely.

Every stat is increased, the attack power and various other stats of all weapons are increased.

If you are to come across a powerful enemy and need better stats, you cannot cheese your way through by spending your Haze all on attack power and hoping to roll and hit your way to victory.

You must increase your level as a whole and move forward. It can be a hassle but there is a way to earn a great deal of Haze without much trouble, and it can be done early on. This guide will help you in doing so.

Haze Farming Tips

Early in the game, you’ll be given access to an area known as the Den of Darkness. In the Den of Darkness, you are specifically looking for a chest.

This chest can be a little tricky to locate. Look at your map and you’ll find a wide area that proceeds a large, square-like area. From this point, you can either go straight forward or go west – head straight forward.

Keep moving forward until the road cleaves in two and head to the left to a very small area. In this area, you’ll see a chest nestled to the side of the area.

When you approach the chest, a text will appear: “One of the Lost has invaded in search of blood.” If you see this then you know you’re in the right place.

What follows is a wave of enemies, not too powerful but can definitely be a challenge if you aren’t familiar with the combat of the game yet.

It may seem endless at first but once a much larger, the glowing enemy appears, then you’ve reached the end of the wave. You can earn between 4 to 8,000 Haze from this one single encounter.

Here’s what makes this interesting! Do not open the chest! Leave the area and head back to the Mistle, claim your Haze and return to this area.

The text will appear once and you’ll square off with the wave a second time. And you can continue to do this for as long as you want, contingent on the fact that you do not open the chest.

As long as you don’t open it, enemies will respawn and give you more opportunities to gain Haze. As you level up, you’ll become more and more powerful, meaning it’ll become easier to deal with this wave.

A cheesy wave to farm Haze in Code Vein but an effective one. If you want to level up as soon as possible, this is the way to do it!

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