Essential Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your Survival

Red Dead Online has started rolling out for players in BETA and if you are one of the lucky ones, congratulations. Perhaps you are confused by the buggy, yet amusing, RDR2 Online mode. Fear not! This Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks Guide has been carefully crafted to help you find yourself in the online mayhem of a game mode.

Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks

Red Dead Online begins with a lot of narratives, and just like other Rockstar games that offer multiplayer, like the fairly popular GTA V, you’ll need to create a character, complete a mission or two, and learn about your surroundings before you’re able to move in the open-world.

You might not enjoy the new RDR2 Online experience just yet, but it is still in BETA stages. The proper RDR2 Online game mode will release soon, with a lot more content, so do not worry. Just patiently wait. SM5SH is just around the corner too!

This guide will cover all the essentials you might need in your brief online journey in the brand new adventure of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Starting Out

As soon as you boot up into the world of Red Dead Online, you will be required to create a character. Choose whatever you design you like. Of course, since the game is going to be in Third Person, you might want to choose a style you can stick with.

After creating your character, you will be given two skill points to spend in any of the three stats: Health, Dead Eye, and Stamina. We would recommend putting all your points in Health, but it is up to you howsoever you would like to invest them.

Finally, you will start the real game but will have to complete a mission first before you can begin your real RDR2’s open-world mayhem experience.

Skill Points

Skill Points are a very important part of your character. You will earn Skill Points whenever you level up. You can level up by doing literally anything. All things you do count towards a rank/level up.

Whether it is brushing your horse, fighting evil baddies, or even walking down the aisle, while shooting some baddies, most things in Red Dead Online will give you XP. Get enough of this XP and you will rank up! Pretty neat, right?

*With each rank up*, you will gain Skill Points that you can use in certain areas like the aforementioned Health, Stamina, and Deadeye.

Do not spend your Skill Points in one place. Plan carefully and you will become one of the best gunners in the online Wild Wild West.

Ability Cards

*Ability Cards are special items* that can be used to gain special buffs permanently. You can find Ability Cards in the game, hidden anywhere in the RDR2 online map.

You will gain one Ability Card at the start of the game too, in the first mission with the chest.

Friendship is the Key

Being a lone wolf in this game mode is definitely something you should refrain from doing. The single player is meant to be for lone wolves. Multiplayer has been designed to be used if you are gonna play with your friends.

You will have a very VERY tough time playing against players hunting for supplies or even in one of the mini-games in this RDR2 Online game mode because they will most definitely not be alone.

Of course, this is also a great chance for you to meet new homies that you will be spending your next dozen nights with. No homo.


*Posses are basically clans* in Red Dead Redemption Online game mode. You can band together with several of your friends and declare a Posse, which you will be recognized by, in the game. There are two types of Posses: Temporary and Persistent.

Temporary Posses are exactly what the name says: You band together with four people temporarily and become a Posse. The Posse will break up as soon as the Posse Leader, the guy who made the Posse, quits the game or leaves the party.

Persistent Posses will allow seven players to band together, but only after paying in-game currency to the Posse agency. Basically, these posses do not really dissolve after the Leader leaves.

Moreover, you can play the Posse Versus game mode with your posse, against another posse. That is fun too!

Honor is Still a Thing

Just like in singleplayer, Honor is definitely important in Multiplayer too, especially now since other players can hunt you if you are wanted too.

Predicting NPCs might be easy, but predicting people that live hundreds of miles away from you isn’t exactly an easy job. So, stay low, unless you can afford to wreak mayhem everywhere.

Story Missions

Just like Red Dead Redemption 2, RDR2 Online also offers you a new storyline and it is epic. The RDR2’s story was amazing as it is, but adding a multiplayer story is just exceptional.

You can complete new story missions, side missions, and other short jobs in the multiplayer experience, with your friends. Best thing ever!

Events and Series

RDR2 Online offers timely events and other mini-events that you can complete once they are available. You will receive a good amount of XP from completing these events. Some cash too, if you win.

There are race and showdown series, both of which pit you against other players with different objectives. Best tips for winning an online event is to:

  • Get a Good and Stable Ping
  • Get Friends who are better than you are
  • Git Gud

Hold Camps

The camps in RDR2 Online are a tad bit like the singleplayer’s camps. In fact, they are a mixture between the gang’s Camp and your simple Camp in the game, adding both of the camps’ benefits.

If you are in a Posse, you can create a Posse Camp, for all of your party members.

Creating a camp is simple; you just hold a White Flag and find a spot to settle in. You will be safe from any outside problems and the good thing is: you will be able to upgrade your items and stuff. Yay, righto?

If you upgrade your Camp, you will also be able to Fast Travel, just like in singleplayer. Saves you a lot of horseback time.

Have Fun!

What is most important in any online game is to have fun. Sit back and enjoy the new experience. Raging is a common thing, but if you are losing your emotions too much, it is time for you to put your controller away and go outside.

Gaming is good, but bingeing on a game is never healthy. Anyways, enough of the scary warnings. As mentioned before, have fun. Go make some new friends. They are going to be your best buddies soon!