How to Create Red Dead Online Posse and Play With Friends

Posse is just another name for the party. Red Read Online gives you multiple ways to play online and track your stats. Our Red Dead Online Posse Guide will guide you through the entire party system and how you can use it to play the game with your friends.

Red Dead Online Posse

There are a total of two posse types that you can set up. A Temporary Posse can have up to four different players and can be set up for free. However, the posse will be deleted once the leader of the posse has left the game.

A Persistent Posse will stay there after you log off, but it can only be accessed if the posse leader is online. There can be up to seven players in a Permanent Posse. It also costs a fee to set up and your stats, as well as your awards, are tracked.

You can also initiate a posse versus fight against other posses or compete against AI players together.

How to Create a Posse?

Creating a posse is quite simple. All you need to do is to open up the “Player Menu” by pressing the left button on your d-pad. Once the menu is in front of it, you can choose the posse type and decide the privacy settings among other things.

If you want to add players to your posse, you can do it by opening up the “Player Menu” and selecting your posse. Choose “Invite to Posse” option and then find the player that you want to add.

Posse Camps

You can access various different camps to rest in Free Roam and share a base of operations with other people in your posse. The camp can also be used to change your attire, craft weapons/tonics, and *fast travel to other locations*.

There are two different camps. A Small Camp can have up to four players and has a fee of $1 per day. A Large Camp can have up to seven players and has a cost of $2 per day.

You have to pay a small fee to set up the camps and then you can customize it by speaking to Cripps. There are multiple themes for you to choose from such as Military or Wanderers.

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