Read Dead Online Ability Cards Guide – Passive Cards, Dead Eye Cards

Our Red Dead Online Ability Cards Guide will help you learn all about different types of Ability Cards in RDR2 Online and what they do.

With a keen emphasis on character customization, RDR 2 Online brings in some RPG elements that add dynamism to your character in the game. One such element is the use of Red Dead Online Ability Cards that carry their own perks.

Red Dead Online Ability Cards

Every player has a capacity or slots for four Ability Cards. One of the slots is reserved for Dead Eye ability while the rest three will hold a passive Ability Card.

To be concise, Ability Cards are special perks or buffs that players can equip to affect game-play. Most of the Dead Eye Ability Cards are available right from the beginning but can only be activated when the Dead Eye meter is full.

As for Passive Cards, these are unlocked as you Level up but will stay active at all times.

It should be noted, however, both these type of cards could only be equipped once you have purchased them. This can be done from the Abilities tab of the on pause menu of RDR2 Online.

To customize your ability slots, you can also bring it up on the “Weapons Wheel” in addition to the “Abilities” tab. This will allow you to switch abilities depending on the situation and circumstances you face.

Each Ability Card has three tiers, with the higher tiers awarding more benefits or enhancing the effects of the previous tier.

With that being out of the way, let us take a look at all the perk cards and their effects, as categorized into Dead-Eye and Passive Ability Cards.

Dead Eye Cards

A Moment to Recuperate
The card automatically regenerates health slowly over time while in the Dead Eye mode. Do note that the effect is interrupted when damage is incurred since that will cancel the activation of the mode.

The card is free to be used from the very beginning of the game.

Focus Fire
This will allow you to land more damage on every hit while you are in the Dead Eye mode. Moreover, the effects can be shared among teammates should you group up.

The card is free if you chose it for your character in the beginning. Otherwise, having made a different choice, you will need to pay $50 of in-game currency to unlock this card.

Paint it Black
You will now be able to manually select areas on the target where you desire to shoot. This ‘painting targets’ ability is similar to how Dead Eye works in the single-player component of the game.

Again, it is free or $50 depending on your choice of Ability Cards at the time of character creation.

Slow and Steady
Less damage is incurred and headshots will not insta-kill you. However, there is the drawback of not being able to sprint or run while under this card’s effect in Dead Eye mode. The card is unlocked at Rank 24.

Quite an Inspiration
A more enhanced version of the ‘A Moment to Recuperate’ card as the healing benefits can now be shared among the teammates. The card is unlocked once you reach Rank 44.

Slippery Bastard
Although your Dead Eye mode will drain faster and you cannot lock onto enemies while under the effects of this card in Dead Eye mode, the enemies cannot mark or lock onto you. This drastically reduces the accuracy of their aiming. The card is unlocked upon reaching Rank 50.

Passive Cards

Come Back Stronger
The time required for the regeneration process to initiate is reduced. Card is unlocked at Rank 10.

Deal increased damage to enemies while riding your horse. The card is unlocked at Rank 10.

Peak Condition
When the Stamina bar is 75% full or more, increased damage is dealt to enemies. The card is unlocked at Rank 14.

Necessity Breeds
Damage dealt increases proportionally with decreasing player health. The card is unlocked at Rank 16.

Landon’s Patience
If a player chooses to delay each of his shots by 15 seconds, increased damage will be dealt on enemies. The card is unlocked at Rank 18.

Hunker Down
Damage received through walls or other obstacles while in the cover is reduced. The card is unlocked at Rank 20.

To Fight Another Day
You take less damage while sprinting. The card is unlocked at Rank 22.

The Unblinking Eye
Time for both the Dead Eye and Eagle Eye mode is increased. The card is unlocked at Rank 26.

Eye for an Eye
Now contribute a small amount to filling up the Dead Eye bar, by executing headshots. The card is unlocked at Rank 28.

The Gift of Focus
The effects of items and abilities that restore Dead Eye meter are enhanced so that the meter fills faster. As a drawback, damage dealt to enemies are decreased. The card is unlocked at Rank 30.

Strange Medicine
Though standard health regeneration rate is halved, a contribution is made to health points every time you deal damage on a foe. The card is unlocked at Rank 32.

Take the Pain Away
On each revival of a teammate, both the revived player and the one who carried it out will take less damage for a duration of 8 seconds. The card is unlocked at Rank 34.

Cold Blooded
After you eliminate an enemy, health is regenerated over a time duration of 5 seconds. The card is unlocked at Rank 36.

The Short Game
While decreasing damage on enemies from long range, close quarter combat is favored by having an increased close-range damage. The card is unlocked at Rank 38.

Of Single Purpose
All damage incurred reduced while a player has a melee weapon equipped. The card is unlocked at Rank 40.

Never without One
Make sure to equip a hat while having this card in your slot, since it will fend off the first headshot you receive. The card is unlocked at Rank 46.

The Lasso becomes an effective weapon that can be used to choke enemies and deal damage per second. The card is unlocked at Rank 48.

Winning Streak
While you are dealing with a single target, each subsequent shot landed inflicts greater damage. The card is unlocked at Rank 48.

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