Fallout 76 Treasure Maps Locations Guide – All Treasure Hunts

Our Fallout 76 Treasure Maps Locations Guide has been carefully crafted to help you find the treasure you may need. You can finally find treasure in Fallout 76. Treasures will usually involve you finding the treasure maps first, and they will lead you to the treasure. For your better gameplay experience, we have crafted a treasure maps guide that will surely help you find the treasures you desire.

Fallout 76 Treasure Maps Locations

Of course, we won’t spoil you with the treasure that may be found in these treasures, but you can surely hope for big rewards. If you can not find a treasure at the specific location, you might be doing something wrong. Or someone else might have taken it.

Hop onto another server and that problem will be fixed. Be sure to enjoy your time hunting treasure, because that’s what being a true Appalachian means! We will divide our treasure maps into 6 different regions, as broken down in the game.

Ash Heaps – Treasure 01
The Treasure 01 can be located right next to the AMS Testing Site in the blackened region of Ash Heaps. It should be somewhat right of the road that leads to road 84. From there, head north towards the crane, until you reach the underpass. You will find the treasure on the left of the entrance to the tunnel, in one of the mounds.

Ash Heaps – Treasure 07
Head exactly to the location on the image. You will find several houses lined up in the area. Find the house with the buggy, right next to it. The treasure map leads to one of the sandy areas. Head here and dig it up!

The Forest – Treasure 01
The first treasure in this location should be somewhere in Point Pleasant. Cross the small bridge in the south of Point Pleasant, and you’ll find a pile of rubble to the north of the bridge, beneath another bridge.

The Forest – Treasure 02
A treasure should be somewhere near Camp Adams Lookout, to the north of Poseidon Power Plant. The dig spot you’re looking for should be to the southwest of the tower lookout, inside the camping site.

The Forest – Treasure 03
The treasure of this location should be located to the south of Relay Tower HG-B7-09. Walk towards, and over, the hill and you’ll find a playground. The treasure should be beneath the monkey bars.

The Forest – Treasure 04
The treasure should be located somewhere at Anchor Farm, northwest of Vault 76. Follow the road until you reach a yellow farmhouse. Go towards it and you’ll find a mound by the left side of a plane that has crash-landed in the backyard. Dig the area.

The Forest – Treasure 05
A treasure will be at Charleston Trainyard, to the west. You will see a train car near the river that has been overturned. A treasure should be hidden nearby, by the door of the train car.

The Forest – Treasure 06
A treasure must be located near the Overseer’s Camp. After reaching the area, cross a wooden bridge and you’ll find the treasure on the shore across the river. Another hint for the treasure is that the treasure’s hidden right next to the water sensor on the river-bed.

The Forest – Treasure 07
A treasure may be located in Widow’s Perch, west of Uncanny Caverns. The treasure’s hidden directly to the right of the giant billboard on the hills.

The Forest – Treasure 08
A treasure map should be somewhere southeast of Vault 76. Head towards the railroad that leads towards route 59 and you’ll find a river that’s heading towards the north. When you stand at the bridge of the river, you’ll find the mound on the south side of the river stream. Dig it up.

The Forest – Treasure 09
A treasure map is definitely along the place in the town of Summersville. Head to the south-end of the town and you’ll find an orange bus on the road. Head towards the first house on the left of the bus and you’ll find the treasure in the pile of leaves near the house.

The Forest – Treasure 10
The final treasure in The Forest should be near Gregg’s Mine Supply. When you reach the nearby town, head towards the river from the cliffs. Don’t jump below. You’ll find the treasure on a ledge to the left of the cliff, where the river seems to be going underground.

Savage Divide – Treasure 01
The first treasure in the area should be inside the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21, in the south corner of the Savage Divide region. Be careful, the area is home to a deadly Snallygaster!

You will find the treasure if you look at the treasure area from the southwest edge of the disposal field. The treasure should be right next to the nuclear waste sign to the right.

Savage Divide – Treasure 02
The second treasure in Savage Divide should be located somewhere near the New Appalachian Central Trainyard. As soon as you reach the outskirts of the Trainyard, head towards the big power transmission line to the left of the railway. You will find a mound in the dirt between the red and blue colored train cars.

Savage Divide – Treasure 03
The third treasure should be north of the dome, near the big power transmission line of the previous treasure. Head towards the ski lift from the dome, and then climb downhill, following the ski. Jump over the railing and approach the cliff until you reach an area near a crashed lift car. A treasure should be nearby for you to dig up.

Savage Divide – Treasure 04
The fourth map in the region can be found in Solomon’s Pond, which should be somewhat north of Spruce Knob. You will find the treasure in the north side of the pond, beneath a small hill, buried under a mound. Dig ’em up!

Savage Divide – Treasure 05
The fifth treasure in the area should be on a cliff above Blackwater Mine. You will find the treasure near the edge of the rocky cliff, under the billboard.

Savage Divide – Treasure 06
When you reach the areas of the Palace of the Winding Path, climb down the cliffs until you find a mound eventually. Follow the map if you get lost.

Savage Divide – Treasure 07
This treasure might be on a rest stop by the road south of the Atlas Observatory. The area you’re looking for is between the road and the railway, near a bicycle.

Savage Divide – Treasure 08
The treasure you’re looking for should finally be in the mountains south of the area. You must find the big rocks on the hill that are oddly shaped and one of them has an empty ring inside it. Find it and you’re done.

Savage Divide – Treasure 09
The second final treasure in the area can be found in the middle of Savage Divide zone, just a little south of Autumn Acre Cabin. From the cabin, head south and you will find a platform that harbors carrot flowers and a rock.

The treasure will be right next to the cliff on the right of the platform, under a mound.

Toxic Valley – Treasure 01
The first treasure must be somewhere near the Becker Farm. Head there and you’ll find the location to the southeast of the farm, next to the chipped wooden wall.

Toxic Valley – Treasure 02
The second treasure might be in Clarksburg. Head to the location and find the local water tower. Head towards it and you’ll find the treasure map uphill from the tower.

Toxic Valley – Treasure 03
Your beloved treasure is waiting for you in the Crashed Space Station. Find the area, and you’ll find the treasure on a cliff.

Toxic Valley – Treasure 04
The final treasure of this location should be southwest of the Toxic Valley, in the Pioneer Scout Camp, north of the local dam. Head southwest of the Pioneer Scout Camp, and you’ll find the treasures here.

More will be added later on, as we get more information on them.