Red Dead Redemption 2 Trapper Locations Guide

Want to get some extra protection through thick and legendary gear? Willing to try out cool and rare outfits you won’t find at stores? Well, in that case, you’ll need to look for Red Dead Redemption 2 Trappers. Below, we’ve compiled locations for all of these special vendors which you can find in RDR2 along with the outfits you can obtain as a result.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trapper Locations

He’s the merchant you’ll think of whenever you need a new outfit. Based in Saint Denis, the Trapper has dedicated his life into collecting animal hides and crafting some decent apparel out of them.

These pieces of cloth are available both for Arthur and his horse. Although the Trapper operates primarily from Saint Denis, he’s a traveling worker who takes his stalls across four spots in the wilderness.


  • Near Elysian Pool, in Roanoke Ridge Woods, New Hanover, Southwest of Annesburg.
  • Northwest corner of Big Valley and North of Owanjila Lake in West Elizabethth.
  • East of Riggs Station, West Elizabeth
  • Northeast of Riggs Station in the eastern part of Big Alley, West Elizabeth.
  • Southwest of Manzanita Post towards the End of Lower Montana River.

Leave the fourth one for later since you’ll be wanted, dead or alive, in this region for quite a while at the start of the game due to the failed Blackwater bank robbery.

The Trapper can be found roaming around any one of the four places mentioned above. As the player reaches Chapter 4, the Trapper can be found in the eastern part of Saint Denis at all times.

You can head to the northwest train station in Saint Denis and set a waypoint for the Trapper from there. The icon will be a paw print.

Here, you can bring in the pelts that you skinned Legendary Animals for trading them with the Trapper for cash. You can also trade in any meat that you’ve obtained on your hunts for.

Otherwise, you may also acquire any piece of apparel including hats, coats, gloves, and boots. Trapper also has some useful items in his inventory which may help you out on your adventures.

Item Cost
Cover Scent Lotion $1.25
Gun Oil $1.50
Herbivore Bait $2.25
Predator Bait $3.00
Throwing Knife $2.50
Tomahawk $4.00

Gear and Outfits

All the Legendary Outfits and the components that go into making them can be found in detail at the link..

As for the other standard pieces of apparel that you can craft and purchase from the Trapper, you can find them below categorized according to the six gear pieces: hats, gloves, coats, vests, chaps, and boots.


Item Cost Requirements
Glorious $10.00 Oriole Feather, Woodpecker Feather (4)
Homestead $10.00 Chicken Feather, Goose Feather (2)
Huntsman $10.00 Hawk Feather, Perfect Boar Pelt, Quail Feather (2)
Judicious $10.00 Owl Feather, Pheasant Feather
Native $10.00 Pheasant Feather, Robin Feather (3), Sparrow Feather (4)
Ram Sombrero $10.00 Perfect Ram Hide
Scavenger $11.00 Seagull Feather, Vulture Feather
Pilgrim $11.00 Blue Jay Feather (3), Cedar Waxwing Feather (2), Turkey Feather
Pioneer $11.00 Chicken Feather (3), Duck Feather (3), Turkey Feather (3)
Elk Flop $12.00 Perfect Elk Pelt
Goat Flop $12.00 Perfect Goat Hide, Perfect Pronghorn Hide
Pronghorn Flop $12.00 Perfect Opossum Pelt (4), Perfect Pronghorn Hide
Rat Flat $12.00 Perfect Rat Pelt (10)
Pursuer $13.00 Eagle Feather (2), Pigeon Feather (2)
Stalker $13.00 Condor Feather, Loon Feather (2), Raven Feather (3)
Iguana Big Valley $14.00 Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Iguana Skin
Rococo $15.00 Cardinal Feather (2), Crow Feather (2)
Majestic $15.00 Rooster Feather (4), Songbird Feather (2), Woodpecker Feather (2)
Muskrat Cavalry $15.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Rabbit Pelt (4)
Plantation Slouch $15.00 Perfect Bison Pelt
Coyote Gambler $16.00 Perfect Coyote Pelt (2)
Gila Monster Gambler $16.00 Perfect Elk Pelt, Perfect Gila Monster Skin
Squirrel Flat $16.00 Perfect Squirrel Pelt (6)
Legendary Ram $17.00 Legendary Ram Hide
Rat Infantry Hardee $17.00 Perfect Goat Hide, Perfect Rat Pelt (6)
Bison Gambler $18.00 Oriole Feather (4), Perfect Bison Pelt, Robin Feather (4)
Beaver Drifter $20.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (2)
Raccoon Mountain $21.00 Hawk Feather (2), Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Racoon Pelt
Legendary Alligator Gambler $22.00 Legendary Alligator Skin, Perfect Snake Skin (2)
Legendary Beaver Flop $22.00  Cardinal Feather, Legendary Beaver Pelt, Legendary Boar Pelt
Legendary Coyote Mountain $23.00 Eagle Feather (2), Legendary Coyote Pelt
Skunk Mountain $23.00 Perfect Skunk Pelt
Snake Bulldogger $23.00 Perfect Sheep Hide, Perfect Snake Skin
Bear Grenadier $24.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt
Grenadier $24.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt
Badger Mountain $26.00 Perfect Badger Pelt
Beaver Mountain $28.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt
Fox Mountain $30.00 Perfect Fox Pelt
Legendary Bear Head $40.00 Legendary Bear Pelt
Legendary White Bison $45.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt


Item Cost Requirements
Buck Riding $5.00 Perfect Buck Pelt
Pigskin Rifleman $8.00 Perfect Pig Hide
Badger Rifleman $10.00 Perfect Badger Pelt
Elk Riding $12.00 Perfect Elk Pelt
Legendary Elk Range $13.00 Legendary Elk Pelt
Boar Riding $15.00 Perfect Boar Pelt, Perfect Rabbit Pelt (2)
Legendary Pronghorn Range $17.00 Legendary Pronghorn Hide, Perfect Muskrat Pelt
Legendary Beaver Cavalry $18.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt
Legendary Cougar Riding $20.00 Legendary Cougar Pelt, Perfect Boar Pelt
Winter Cavalry $25.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt (2), Perfect Rabbit Pelt
Snake Skin Cavalry $26.00 Perfect Boar Pelt, Perfect Snake Skin
Iguana Range $27.00 Perfect Collared Peccary Pig Pelt, Perfect Iguana Skin (2)
Legendary Buck and Fox Range $28.00 Legendary Buck Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt
Legendary Panther Range $30.00 Perfect Gila Monster Skin, Legendary Panther Pelt


Item Cost Requirements
Principal $18.00 Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Deer Pelt
Shopkeeper $20.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (2)
Hinterland $21.00 Perfect Ram Hide
Outdoorsman $22.00 Perfect Pronghorn Hide
Rugged Rangler $23.00 Perfect Pig Hide
Country $25.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Buck Pelt
Legendary Buck $26.00 Legendary Buck Pelt, Perfect Ram Hide
No-Man’s $27.00 Perfect Goat Hide, Perfect Panther Pelt
Wilderness $28.00 Perfect Panther Pelt, Perfect Wolf Pelt
Legendary Bison $30.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Billy Vest $32.00 Perfect Armadillo Skin (2), Perfect Goat Hide (2)
Legendary Cougar or Wolf $42.00 Legendary Cougar Pelt, Legendary Wolf Pelt


Item Cost Requirements
Beaver Hunting Jacket $20.00  Perfect Coyote Pelt, Perfect Ox Hide
Wolf Coat $25.00 Perfect Ram Hide, Perfect Wolf Pelt
Legendary Bear Coat $28.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bison Pelt
Legendary White Bison Coat $29.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt
Trapper’s Cloak $32.00 Perfect Sheep Hide
Cougar Cutaway Coat $39.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt, Perfect Cougar Pelt (2)
Legendary Panther Cloak $45.00 Legendary Panther Pelt
Ram Shotgun Coat $45.00 Perfect Ram Hide (2)


Item Cost Requirements
Pronghorn Half Chaps $7.00 Perfect Pronghorn Hide
Moose Batwing Chaps $10.00 Perfect Moose Pelt
Batwing Chaps $12.00 Perfect Deer Pelt
Ox-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $15.00 Perfect Ox Hide
Legendary Elk Half Chaps $16.00 Legendary Elk Pelt, Perfect Sheep Hide
Bull-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $18.00 Perfect Bull Hide
Javelina Half Chaps $18.00 Perfect Collared Peccary Pig Pelt, Perfect Snake Skin
Legendary Coyote Half Chaps $20.00 Legendary Coyote Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt (2)
Elf-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $21.00 Perfect Elk Pelt
Boar-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $25.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (2)
Bear Batwing Chaps $27.00 Perfect Bear Pelt
Legendary Bison Batwing Chaps $32.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps $33.00 Legendary Ram Hide
Legendary Wolf Batwing Chaps $34.00 Perfect Goat Hide, Legendary Wolf Pelt
Sheep Batwing Chaps $35.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (2)
Bear-Fringed Shotgun Chaps $38.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt


Item Cost Requirements
Two Toned Moccasins $15.00 Perfect Buck Pelt
Moccasins $17.00 Perfect Buck Pelt
Legendary Moose Moccassins $22.00 Perfect Cow Hide, Legendary Moose Pelt
Workman’s Pride Boots $28.00 Perfect Cow, Perfect Goat Hide
Bull Fowler Boots $29.00 Perfect Boar Pelt, Perfect Bull Hide
Legendary Elk Moccasins $30.00 Legendary Elk Pelt, Perfect Goat Hide
Boar and Fowler Boots $31.00 Perfect Boar Pelt, Perfect Ox Hide
Javelina Moccasins $33.00 Perfect Collared, Peccary Pig Pelt (2)
Legendary Bear Roper $34.00 Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bull Hide
Legendary Alligator Fowlers $35.00 Legendary Alligator Skin
Legendary Boar and Bison Fowlers $37.00 Legendary Boar Pelt, Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt
Skunk Trapper Boots $39.00 Perfect Skunk Pelt (2)
Legendary Fox Moccasins $40.00 Perfect Elk Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt