Two Point Hospital Kudosh Points Farming Guide – How To, Easy Farming Methods

In this hospital management simulator, you will be looking to get the best possible results when it comes to facilitating your hospital with all the upgrades you can manage. We will be looking at all the ways you can unlock new facilities via earning Kudosh Points in Two Point Hospital.

Our Two Point Hospital Kudosh Points Farming Guide will help you farming some easy Kudosh Points in Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Kudosh Points Farming

Kudosh Points or simply K Points is the primary currency of the game along with the regular cash which you can use to buy in-game items. You can use Kudosh to unlock facilities as if arcade machines, air conditioning, etc.

These facilities also involve upgraded versions of basic hospital equipment like syringes, injections to boost effectiveness, and productivity. Facilities that you have unlocked will carry over to every level in the game.

Once you have unlocked these resources, you will start to notice that patients will be happier and satisfied with their time in the hospital.

Racking up Kudosh Points is not such a tough task as you earn them organically as you progress through the game. Therefore, whenever you have successfully dealt with an emergency, there will be a decent income of Kudosh Points.

Similarly, when health inspectors pay a visit to the hospital and take note of the pristine condition of the building itself, you will earn even more K Points.

The quickest and most precise way, though, of acquiring K Points remain via Career Goals. You can check the progress of these under a separate tab from the game’s menu; you should be looking at the one titled Career.

These are a set of objectives with varying difficulty and nature of tasks including treating X number of patients, earning X amount of money, and so on. If you are in it for the steady income of Kudosh Points, this should be your go-to strategy.

This is all we have in our Two Point Hospital Kudosh Points Farming Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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