We Happy Few Console Commands Guide – Spawn Items, God Mode, Fly

For our PC users, there’s a lot to do besides the actual game in We Happy Few. Thanks to a bunch of console commands now being brought to light thanks to the Steam community of the game, players can mess around with the infinite resources, invulnerability and unlock quite a few things. Use our We Happy Few Console Commands Guide below to find every command code listed.

We Happy Few Console Commands

Thanks to the game’s easy to use Unreal Engine 4, there’s a console tab that can be accessed via the default key which is `or ~. Here you can spawn a number of useful items like weapons, drugs, toggling God Mode on/off, unlocking secrets, flying off, etc.

For accessing the console command in the game, make sure you go to your steam library and right click on the icon of the game. Head to properties and then the launch options tab. Here, insert -console in the target line and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can toggle the developer console in-game by going to Options and then in Developer Cheats, toggle the console on.

Since the game can become unstable due to the console command, make sure you restart it or fix the errors via the ‘Verify integrity of game cache’ in the settings. Now bringing the console command up, you can start typing in the commands listed below for various purposes.


Getting items and specifying the number of those items can be carried out via a single command line give (itemname) e.g. if you’re wanting to spawn a Shock Grenade and you want three of these, then the command would be: give 3 Shock Grenade. Items including weapons and other resources you can obtain in this way are listed below:

  • Phlash Drug
  • Shock Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Vomit Bomb
  • Berserk Bomb
  • Berserk Dart
  • Electro Hammer Pipe
  • Blue Molotov
  • Banger
  • Dr. Feelgood Bomb
  • Tear Gas Grenade
  • Feramyle Syringe
  • New Formula Dexipam for Stamina
  • New Formula Sanitol for HP
  • Sunshine
  • Spiky Suit
  • Fab Threads
  • Blending Suit for Improved Stealth
  • Coins

Other Uses

Other commands will allow you to perform a certain function within the game:

  • For being invulnerable to any damage, you can use the command god
  • The Fly and Walk command ability allows you do just what it promises. Walk command will disable the fly option and vice versa. Note, you cannot go through walls while flying.
  • Ghost gives you the ability to walk through walls.
  • Inputting heal will regenerate health to the max and remove status effects like debuffs and Joy addiction.
  • Unlock inventory will open up all the slots on your inventory. UnlockAllLore will reveal all bits of hidden info. in the game. Lastly, UnlockAllRecipes will allow you to craft every item with the recipes received.
  • The Travel command shows you a bunch of locations where you can fast travel to
  • To stop spawn of AI enemies, use NoAiSpawns. For AI to be present but ignore the player completely, use AiignorePlayers command. A variation is with the NoSuspicion command which means the AI will notice you’re around but will not be suspicious of you.
  • Maps and quests can be revealed via RevealMapAndQuest while HUD elements in the game can be toggled on or off via ShowHud.

You can find even more commands if you input ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and so on in the console. This will display a list of commands you can use along with their function.

This is all we have in our We Happy Few Console Commands Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!