We Happy Few Endings Guide – Unlock Good, Bad, And Secret Endings

We Happy Few has a lot of tricks up its sleeves. One of these is a secret ending that you will definitely be able to obtain by paying attention to the content of this We Happy Few Endings Guide.

We Happy Few Endings

Based on the perspective of three different characters, the choices you make will come back to bite or help you when it comes to the conclusion of the game. Right at the start of the game, there’s an awakening, a dark secret that makes its way to reality. The protagonist, Arthur Hastings has a choice to act on a strange memory that comes back to him or to ignore it via the Joy drug.

He can delve deeper into the web of removing memories of the people, a thought that comes to him upon an observation of a newspaper. Or he could just avoid the trouble altogether and continue to remain a person who’s not willing to risk anything or dare.

Therefore, the Take your Joy! option will lead to the game ending in a matter of minutes. This is the Quick Ending to the game. Yes, the next one, please. At least you got an achievement, if not the experience of the game.

Of course, the Real Ending is what you’ll be earning as you rebel in these initial stages and resist the drug. Now, you’ll embark on a risky journey which will eventually see you choose one of two paths. Leave the town for good to look for Percy after which you’ll be able to recount what you did to your brother years back when you were both young.

The other choice would lead to you taking the drug and joining people in their ignorance. This is the Bad Ending and you’ll never truly get to know what happened to your brother.

This is all we have in our We Happy Few Endings Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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