Days Gone Release Date Will Be Before The Last Of Us 2, According To The Creative Director

Days Gone has been in development for about 5 years now and though we have been receiving minor details regarding the game from time to time, nothing solid related to the release of the game was known, and the speculations have been making their ways every now and then. Although now, the creative director of the game has revealed that fans can expect Days Gone Release Date to be way before The Last Of Us 2.

The exact date of the game is still unknown but considering that when The Last Of Us 2 was revealed, Sony and Naughty Dog instantly pointed out that the game was at the earlier stages of development at that time. Which implied that the game release was pretty far off.

Now comparing what Sony and Naughty Dog said at that point in time and what the creative director of Days Gone, John Garvin has said, it points out to a possibility that perhaps Days Gone is in later stages of development that we actually think of.

Since the precise Days Gone Release Date is not known, we can still only speculate, when it shall roll out. It remains to be seen at what time of the year Sony Bend plans to release the game. Mostly the bets are for 2019 still we can’t be certain. For all we know, it could be as late as 2020. Which would then mean that Last Of Us 2 release would be even later.

Having said that, Days Gone is assumed to be a remarkable game, the recent reveals regarding how the game is, gameplay details and such, all point out that the players will have a really immersive gaming experience.

Since we are talking about The Last Of Us 2 and Days Gone, there is something that you guys should know. The creative director is not happy with people referring to the creatures in Days Gone as Zombies, according to him they are Freakers and not Zombies.

Secondly, John Garvin, says there is no similarity in both of these game other than the fact that they are third-person action adventure games where players get to kill creatures.