God of War Talon Bow Guide – Upgrades, Runic Summons, Skills, How To Use (Tips And Tricks)

The Talon Bow is used by Atreus as he tries to help Kratos on his way. At the beginning of the game, Atreus can show standard arrows, but he can later use much more including melee strikes. There are also tons of upgrades available, and this God of War Talon Bow Guide will help you get acquainted with all of them. Our God of War Talon Bow Guide will tell you about all of the possible upgrades that you can do on your Talon Bow.

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God of War Talon Bow

With the help of our God of War Talon Bow Guide, you will be able to better understand Talon Bow Upgrades, Talon Bow Skills, Talon Bow Runic Summons, and how to use weapons effectively.

Here are all of the upgrades that you can do on both your bow and your quiver.

Bow Upgrades

Upgrade Description Availability Hacksilver cost Resource Cost
Level I N/A Wildwoods TrollFight Default
Level II Increases arrow damage and makes new Talon BowSkills available for purchase. Start of River Pass 5000 Soft Svartalfheim Steel 2
Level III Increases arrow damage and makes new Talon BowSkills available for purchase. Arrival at Lake of Nine 10000 Solid Svartalfheim Steel 2
Level IV Increases arrow damage and makes new Talon BowSkills available for purchase. Return to Midgard after Alfheim 22500 Solid Svartalfheim Steel 5
Level V Increases arrow damage and makes new Talon BowSkills available for purchase. Return to Mountain Summit to obtain Mimir’s Head 45000 Hardened Svartalfheim Steel 1
Level VI Increases arrow damage. Runic Summons fully recharge Atreus’ quiver with arrows. Heal Atreus 80000 Hardened Svartalfheim Steel 3

Quiver Upgrades

Level II Reduces the Talon Bow’s arrow recharge time. Arrival at Lake of Nine 5000
Level III Reduces the Talon Bow’s arrow recharge time. Return to Mountain Summit 25000
Level IV Increases arrow capacity to 4. Second water drop 45000

Talon Bow Skills

This is a list of all of the Skills that you can learn for your Talon Bow in God of War 4.

Combat Skills Description XP Cost
Light Potency Light arrows deal more stun damage. The amount of damage increases at higher levels. 250/1000/2000
Weaken Potency Light arrows have the Weaken effect on enemies 500
Explosive power Light arrows have explosions which are larger than usual. 1500
Pure Light Light arrows deal stun damage when they hit someone. 3000
Shock Potency Shock Arrows deal a higher ammount of shock damage. The damage scales with levels. 250/1000/2000
Power Overload Shock Conduit hits more enemies. 500
Lasting Shock The duration of shock is increased. 3000
Ferocity Atreus can stun enemies in numerous ways. 250
Acrobatics Atreus can do a combo with Kratos when dealing with an enemy. 500
Double Team Atreus will help Kratos when he is attacked or when an opportunity arises. 250
Atreus power The damage increases. It scales with levels of the ability. 500/1500/3000
Dexterous Shot Increases the firing rate of the bow. It scales with level. 500/1500/3000

Talon Bow Runic Summons

Runic Summons are abilities for Atreus that can be found inside of chests.

You can only have one runic summon at a time which can be used by holding the square button. There are two different levels that you can upgrade each of your Runic Attacks to. Let us see all of the Runic Attacks that Atreus can use.

Boar Stampede
A lot of boars will charge forward in the direction you are facing. They will head out in a cone formation and increasing the level will add additional boards to the formation.

Falcons’ Dive
This attack casts spectral falcons who fly around for a really short amount of time before bombing the ground. Leveling up will increase the number of falcons and thus increase the damage and area of effect of the attack.

Storm of the Elks
A deer walks towards Kratos and staggers the enemies around him. It will later detonate and knock up enemies into the air. Increasing the level of increasing the duration and the range of the attack.

Murder of Crows
A murder of crows will enter the fight and distract enemies in front of Kratos. They will also explode and deal a small amount of damage towards the end. Leveling up will cause the crows to increase in number and last longer.

Wrath of the Wolf
A wolf enters the battle and attacks the enemies three times. It can also stun the enemy or shock it along with dealing damage. An increase in level adds additional wolves to attack more enemies.

Bitter Squirrel
This squirrel will find consumables for you. The stones appear for only about 20 seconds so remember to pick them up as fast as possible. Leveling it up will cause more consumables to be dropped.

That is all we have for our God of War Talon Bow Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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