Kingdom Come: Deliverance Buffs And Debuffs Guide – Effects, How To Counter

Our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Buffs And Debuffs Guide will help you learn all about small icons next to your character’s HP bar. These are positive/negative effect on your character. It is a good idea to pay close attention to these icons, as having a knowledge of what they represent can mean all the difference between living and dying.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Buffs And Debuffs

Buffs help your character in different ways that will make your character stronger/faster than before. Debuffs, on the other hand, have a negative effect on your character. In this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Buffs And Debuffs Guide, you will find a comprehensive list of buffs and debuffs.

Against All Odds
When low in numbers, you get a 20% bonus on Strength, Agility, Warfare, and Defense.

Embrocation Effect
When well-rested, joints and muscles stop bothering you, and you gain Agility +5, Defense +5.

Lazarus Potion Effect
The Lazarus Potion would resurrect even the dead.

Aqua Vitalis Effect
Healing the wounds becomes easier.

Witch Potion Effect
The world starts to feel like upside down and you see things that are not there.

Artemisia Potion Effect
The potion will grant you +5 Strength and +5 Warfare.

Marigold Decoction Effect
You sell potions you’ve brewed yourself for a greater price than average.

Lullaby Potion Effect
The potion makes you sleepy and tired.

Padfoot Potion Effect
By drinking this potion, your mobility will decrease and your Thievery skills will increase. It provides you with +5 Stealth, +5 Pickpocketing, and +5 Lockpicking.

Stamina Frenzy
Recovery for stamina increases for short duration.

When wearing Spurs, your Horsemanship Skill will increase depending on the quality of the item.

Seven Mile Boots
When wearing these boots, you will reserve 20% Stamina during sprints.

Serrated Edge
Chances of causing a Bleed increases by 15%.

When in the wilds, Savage will grant you +1 bonus on Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Speech.

Looking at your opponents bleeding will grant you with +1 Strength.

Rider on the Storm
Your horse becomes more nervous in storms.

Reading Spot
In the reading spot, your reading speed will increase and you will learn much quicker.

Permanent +2 buff on Vitality.

Rain Man
While walking in the rain, footstep noise is reduced by 70%.

Balanced Diet
Eating healthy food for five days without being hungry or over-eating will grant you +1 Vitality and +1 Agility.

Dollmaker Potion Effect
Your body becomes frozen; the movement becomes limited and Combat Skill gets reduced by -5 Stamina.

By equipping Padding Armor, you will fix yourself.

Nighthawk Potion Effect
The Nighthawk Potion will increase your vision in the dark.

Washed Fragrance
Clean clothes will grant you with +1 Charisma.

Night Rider
At night, Stamina regens 1/5th quicker.

Luck of the Drunk
Luck of the Drunk will make your Lockpicking easier but at the cost of increased noise.

Local Hero
You are well-known among the people that will grant you with Strength, Speech, Agility, and Vitality. You will also receive increased penalties for doing anything wrong.

Light Armor
Light Armor will allow you to dodge attacks 50% easier.

Saville Row
Wearing repaired cloths each piece will grant you +0.5 Charisma, upto max of +2.

Imminent Cure
Instant heals without any time spent.

Alpha Male
Being satisfied will provide you with +2 Charisma.


They have a negative effect and you try to avoid them as much as you can.

You are addicted to alcohol that will reduce your Strength, Agility, Vitality, Speech, and Charisma by -3. Try to use Hair o’ the Dog Potion to counteract the effects.

When hungry, your stamina will reduce and eventually, you will start losing HP.

Released Prisoner
In jail, your condition will reduce Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

Eating a lot of food will make you sick, resulting in stamina reduction.

Carrying too much weight will reduce your movement speed. So stuff some in your Horse Bag or drop some items, which are not important.

This is all we have in our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Buffs And Debuffs Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!