Four New Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episodes Might Be Coming Soon

Website Dengeki Online sat down with Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata in order to talk about where they would be taking the game next. Tabata said that they have at least three more Final Fantasy 15 DLC episodes lined up, and that they’ll likely have four to roll out this year and next.

The game previously had three different DLC episodes, one for each other member of Noctis’s party in order to show what happened to each of them while they exited the story for one reason or another. The upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC episodes might show off even more characters that we didn’t really get much time with in the original game.

According to Tabata, we’ll be seeing an episode for Ardyn Izunia, the main antagonist of the game, and we might also see an episode about Lady Lunafreya, Noctis’s betrothed and childhood friend. However, nothing is confirmed at the moment beyond an episode for Ardyn, and we might not know who the others are for a long time.

There’s a large number of different major characters that we never really get to see much of in the game, as due to Noctis and his friends traveling while other big events happen elsewhere, many of these characters don’t appear again. For instance, Ravus, Lunafreya’s brother, only makes one or two appearances in the game before being executed following Noctis’s fight with the Leviathan in Altissia.

Lunafreya also doesn’t get much screentime, as we only see her once in gameplay in Altissia, where she and Noctis are supposed to be married before the battle with Leviathan and her death at Ardyn’s hands.

Whatever other characters make appearances in the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC episodes, hopefully they’ll be able to flesh out the story even more than the first three did, and make a good game even better.