Kingdom Come: Deliverance Archery Guide – Archery Skill, Increase Bow Accuracy, Bowman’s Brew

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Archery Guide will help become proficient with Bows, detail some important tips related to Archery, and becoming better at it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Archery

Archery is great to kill your enemies from a distance but requires a lot of practice. There are a number of Bows in the game and the rules of using a Bow are fairly simple.

Furthermore, every Bow has its own shooting trajectory which you can learn by practicing. The best way of practicing the skill is by Hunting. Be sure to check out our Hunting Guide to learn more about it.

One more important thing you need to remember is that you will need a Glove. If not equipped with a Glove, every shot will deal +5 damage to your character.

PC users can type a command in the console i.e. ‘wh_pl_showfirecursor 1’ to get some aim assistance. You can also learn more about Console Commands by heading over to the page.

There are two main stats i.e. Agility and Bow. Agility allows you to use a Higher Level Bow. Bow, on the other hand, increases the Attack Damage and Attack Power. Failing to meet these stats will drastically decrease your damage output.

Every Bow has its own release time that you need to perfect by practicing. If you let go too early, the arrow will not reach the target and if you hold for too long, you will run out of stamina. Do note that you can always cancel the charged arrow.

The Bow has the potential to one-shot an enemy if you manage to score a headshot. The Bow can be mighty effective but requires a lot of practice and patience. Therefore, make sure that you have trained yourself good enough to use the weapon.

To increase your Bow Accuracy, you can brew Bowman’s Brew that requires Spiritus, 2x Eyebright, and 1x St John’s Wort. To learn more about Alchemy, be sure to check out our Detailed Alchemy Guide by heading over to the page.

This is all we have in our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Archery Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!