Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands Guide

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands Guide will ensure that you know what are your options and what can you change if you decide to use the console to customize the game to your liking.

Console Commands can be used to change the game and make it fit your exact needs. The commands give you a plethora of Customization Options which are not available to you from the menu.

The Console Commands do not really have a manual from where you can see which command does what exactly, and that is where this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide comes in.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands

The console is perfect for making instantaneous changes to your game and adding stuff to your game that would otherwise be impossible. You can do anything from changing your render properties to changing the graphics.

The console can be opened up with the tilde key (~). The button can be located if you look underneath the escape key on your keyboard. Once you have opened the console, you can enter certain commands to change the settings of your game.

We had the option of getting ourselves infinite items, weapons, and money through Console Commands in both the Alpha and the Beta, but that seems to be disabled now and has not been included in this particular guide.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands

  • Save – This will instantly save your game.
  • Load – This will load a previously saved game.
  • e_TimeOfDay – The current time will be shown.
  • wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 – A crosshair is added to your bows.
  • cl_fov X – This commands sets the field of view to X (default is 60).
  • r_MotionBlur 0 – The inherent motion blur that exists in the game disappears.
  • cl_showHUD 0 – The hud will be disabled. You can change it to 1 to reenable it.
  • p_gravity_z X – the amount of gravity that impacts the world is changed by this command(default is -13).
  • e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X – And this changes the distance at which grass is animated (default is 20).
  • e_ViewDistRatio X – The rendering distance of objects can be changed by varying the value of X (default is 500).
  • e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X – You can change the render distance of trees by using this command (default is 500).
  • g_showHUD X – replace X with 1 or 0 to enable or disable the HUD. This is almost similar to the previous ShowHUD command that we saw.

That is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!