Gigabyte And MSI Rolling Out BIOS Updates For AM4 Socket Motherboards To Support AMD Raven Ridge APUs

AMD is all set to roll out its latest APU series, the AMD Raven Ridge, on February 12 and motherboard manufacturers such as Gigabyte and MSI has started to roll out BIOS updates for its motherboards to support the upcoming AMD Raven Ridge APUs.

MSI has started to roll out BIOS update for its AMD 300 series motherboards to support the upcoming AMD Raven Ridge APUs and Gigabyte is also doing the same for its AM 4 Socket Motherboards to, of course, support the Raven Ridge APUs.

What this means is that if you own an MSI motherboard for AMD 300 series processors or a Gigabyte motherboard with an AM 4 Socket and plan to upgrade the processor to the upcoming AMD Raven Ridge APU then you definitely need to update your BIOS as without it you won’t be able to use the upcoming Raven Ridge APU.

MSI has rolled out the BIOS update for 13 of its motherboard models with AM 4 Socket which include:

  • X370 Power Gaming Titanium
  • X370 Gaming M7 ACK
  • X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • X370 SLI Plus
  • B350 Tomahawk
  • B350 Tomahawk Arctic
  • B350 PC Mate
  • B350M Gaming Pro
  • B350M Mortar
  • B350M Bazooka
  • B350M Pro-VDH
  • A320M Gaming Pro

AMD Raven Ridge is a high-performance APU series that features Zen architecture along with integrated Radeon Vega graphics chip. Just be sure to update your BIOS for your AM 4 Socket motherboard before you can use this latest offering from AMD.

Speaking of the upcoming AMD offerings the company has revealed that its next-gen AMD Zen 2 CPU design is complete and will roll out in 2019.

Furthermore, AMD has noted that Zen 2 Architecture will be immune to Spectre and Meltdown security flaws and will be secure from any potential security exploit in the future.

AMD Raven Ridge will be available from February 12, 2018, and AMD Ryzen 3 2200G will be available for $99 and AMD Ryzen 5 2400G will be available for $169 in the US.

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