Report: Windows 10 Surpassed Windows 7 In Global Desktop OS Market Share

Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft which the company pushed a lot for, even upgraded many users without their consent. However, with the passage of time many have come around to see the advantages of this new operating system and now Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 in global market share.

According to a report from StatCounter, a web analytics firm, in January 2018 Windows 10 surpassed the old favorite Windows 7 in terms of its install base. The report suggests that Windows 10 represents 42.78% of Desktop using the new OS with Windows 7 following closely with a 41.86% of Desktop market share.

As for Windows 8.1, the report reveals that this operating system stands only 8.72% of Desktop Market share, a very low number in comparison to Windows 7 and 10 which makes sense since Windows 8.1 wasn’t liked by a majority of PC users.

Also, this is the first time since Windows 10 launch that this OS has surpassed Win 7 in terms of Market Share. However, there could be a number of factors that could result in Win 10 surpassing the 7 one of them might be game developer pushing for Win 10 64-bit as a recommended spec for their games.

However, one can’t deny the fact that the latest Windows operating system is definitely getting some traction against Windows 7. If this trend keeps on going, then we might be looking at Win 10 taking a major desktop market share since Win 7 support has been dropped by Microsoft.

Speaking of Windows OS, Microsoft has rolled out a new update KB4078130, for its Operating systems to disable Intel Spectre Variant 2 Patch. Microsoft has also provided manual instructions to disable the patch through the registry.

This update covers Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1, and all versions of Windows 10, for client and server. If you are running an impacted device, this update can be applied by downloading it from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. Application of this payload specifically disables only the mitigation against CVE-2017-5715 – “Branch target injection vulnerability.

Furthermore, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting Microsoft is working on new version of Win 10 codenamed “Polaris”.

Polaris is not the next iteration of Windows but is a brand new version of Windows 10 for desktop PCs. This new version of Windows 10 is built upon the UWP which makes it “Microsoft’s first truly modern Windows OS for the traditional PC form factor”.

Do you think Windows 10 will be able to completely outpace Win 7? Let us know in the comments.

Source: StatCounter

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