Report: Microsoft Working On “Polaris”, A New Version Of Windows 10 For Desktops

a new report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 codenamed "Polaris" that will be built on UWP. This new version will be for casual users.

Microsoft intends to stick with Windows 10 as a service-based operating system, what it means is that there will be no new version of Windows other than 10 and Windows 10 will receive new updates and different versions from time-to-time. Now a new report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 codenamed “Polaris”.

According to the report from Windows Central, Polaris is not the next iteration of Windows but is a brand new version of Windows 10 for desktop PCs. This new version of Windows 10 is built upon the UWP which makes it “Microsoft’s first truly modern Windows OS for the traditional PC form factor”.

Furthermore, Polaris will feature “CShell, Microsoft’s upcoming universal shell” that will be shared across devices.

“The Polaris composer will offer the traditional desktop environment that PC users are already accustomed to. The current Windows Shell is one of the major legacy components that Microsoft is replacing in Polaris; along with stripping out legacy, unneeded Win32 components and apps like Notepad or Paint, in favor of a UWP experience, just like Windows 10 Mobile.”

According to the report, this new version will allow users to run Win32 programs whenever they like without any legacy components. Furthermore, this will mean that Polaris will be the most secure version of Windows 10 thanks to UWP.

The removal of Legacy components will mean that the lower-end devices will perform better and improved battery for laptops. Also, those who are already using Windows 10 will not be able to upgrade to the new version.

The report stresses that the current version of Windows 10 will stick around for gamers and power users. The Polaris and Windows 10 Pro will exist in “unison” and Polaris will only be available with newer devices that ship with it.

Microsoft is gradually moving away from legacy components of its Windows and towards components built on UWP. If things keep going this way, we might be seeing the File Explorer built on UWP. Microsoft is reportedly targeting 2019 release for Polaris.

Polaris version of Windows 10 will not be for gamers and power users but, it will be only for the casual users who use Surface Laptop or Chromebook and who don’t do run any resource-heavy processes.

Not only that, Microsoft also intends to give its Windows users the control over data collected with new Redstone 4 Tools. These new Redstone 4 tools will be called “Diagnostic data viewer and Delete diagnostic data” and will be available in new “Diagnostics & feedback” section.

What do you think of Polaris? Is there a market for a Windows version such as this? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Windows Central

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