Splatoon 2 Gear Guide – Unlocking Gear, Gear Brand, Gear Rarity, All Gear Abilities

By   /   Jul 24, 2017
Splatoon 2 Gear Guide

Splatoon 2 Gear Guide explains in detail all the gear that is present in the game. In this Splatoon 2 Gear Guide, we have listed every piece of gear that is available to get in Splatoon 2. We have explained everything in this Splatoon 2 Gear Guide such as how you will obtain this gear, how do you equip it, and what are the things that you must do before you can actually start buying gear from the merchants. With the help of this detailed Splatoon 2 Gear guide you can build the ultimate inkling and totally own your competition.

Gear in Splatoon 2 is actually functional and effects your gameplay and adds and subtracts certain stats based on its quality. Each equipped piece of gear grants your Inkling one main ability and as many as three sub abilities. If completely outfitted with clothing, shoes, and headgear, your character can potentially go into Ink Battles benefiting from three main abilities and nine sub abilities which is actually what you want to do if you want to win.

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Splatoon 2 Gear Guide

You will unlock access to the merchants when you reach level 4. Also the stock in every shop is changed on a daily basis so you can check back again if you do not find an item that you need. Their available stock is based on your level. The higher your level, the better the chance of rarer gear appearing. Splatoon 2 Gear Guide details everything that you need to know about gear in Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 Gear Guide

Main Ability

Each piece of gear has one main ability. The main ability is three times as powerful as a sub ability. Main abilities are static and cannot be changed.

Gear Rarity

The rarity of the gear ranges from one to 3 stars, with one star being the most common and three stars being the rarest. The rarity of gear directly correlates with the number of unlocked sub ability slots it starts with: one-star gear gets only one sub ability slot, two-star gear gets two slots, and three-star gear gets three slots.

Gear Brand

An item’s brand can influence which sub abilities are assigned. All gear in Splatoon 2 is manufactured by a variety of brands. Every brand features unique abilities which include two weighted abilities: a common ability and an uncommon ability.

The common ability is 5 times more likely to appear as a sub ability for that brand when compared to other brands. For example, Ink Saver (Main) is five times more likely to appear on Splash Mob-branded gear, compared to every other brand.

The uncommon ability is half as likely to appear as a sub ability for that brand when compared to other brands. For example, Swim Speed Up is half as likely to appear on Rockenberg-branded gear, compared to every other brand. Cuttlegear and amiibo-branded equipment don’t have common or uncommon abilities; every ability has an equal chance of appearing on these items.


  • Common Ability: Cold-Blooded
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Saver


  • Common Ability: Sub Power Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Ink Resistance Up


  • Common Ability: Sub Ink Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Ink Recovery Up


  • Common Ability: Special Power Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Sub Ink Saver


  • Common Ability: Bomb Defense Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Cold-Blooded


  • Common Ability: Swim Speed Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Bomb Defense Up


  • Common Ability: Run Speed Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Swim Speed Up


  • Common Ability: Quick Respawn
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Saver

Splash Mob

  • Common Ability: Main Ink Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Run Speed Up


  • Common Ability: Ink Resistance Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Main Ink Saver


  • Common Ability: Special Charge Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Power Up


  • Common Ability: Ink Recovery Up
  • Uncommon Ability: Quick Super Jump

Toni Kensa

  • Common Ability: Cold-Blooded
  • Uncommon Ability: Sub Power Up


  • Common Ability: Special Saver
  • Uncommon Ability: Special Charge Up


  • Common Ability: Quick Super Jump
  • Uncommon Ability: Quick Respawn

Visit Jelfonzo at Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe to see what clothing he has in stock. Stocks update every day so check back often to see what is new.

Ye Olde Cloth Shop

Basic TeeQuick RespawnSquidForce
White TeeInk Saver (Sub)SquidForce
Black SquideyeRun Speed UpTentatek
Black TeeSpecial Power UpSquidForce
Sunny-Day TeeSpecial Charge UpKrak-On
Fugu TeeSwim Speed UpFirefin
Mint TeeBomb Defense UpSkalop
Red Vector TeeInk Saver (Main)Takoroka
Blue Peaks TeeInk Saver (Sub)Inkline
Sailor-Stripe TeeRun Speed UpSplash Mob
White 8-Bit FishFrySub Power UpFirefin
White Anchor TeeNinja SquidSquidForce
Black V-Neck TeeThermal InkSquidForce
White Deca Logo TeeInk Resistance UpZink
Half-Sleeve SweaterInk Saver (Sub)Toni Kensa
King JerseyRespawn PunisherEnperry
Gray 8-Bit FishFrySpecial Charge UpFirefin
White V-Neck TeeSpecial SaverSquidForce
White Urchin Rock TeeInk Saver (Main)Rockenberg
Black Urchin Rock TeeInk Recovery UpRockenberg
Wet Floor Band TeeSwim Speed UpRockenberg
Squid Squad Band TeeInk Resistance UpRockenberg
Navy Deca Logo TeeInk Saver (Main)Zink
Mister Shrug TeeInk Resistance UpKrak-On
Chirpy Chips Band TeeCold-BloodedRockenberg
Hightide Era Band TeeThermal InkRockenberg
Black LSQuick Super JumpZekko
Purple Camo LSSub Power UpTakoroka
Navy Striped LSInk Recovery UpSplash Mob
Zekko Baseball LSBomb Defense UpZekko
White Baseball LSQuick Super JumpRockenberg
Pink Easy-Stripe ShirtQuick Super JumpSplash Mob
Inkopolis Squaps JerseyCold-BloodedZink
Annaki Drive TeeThermal InkAnnaki
Lime Easy-Stripe ShirtInk Resistance UpSplash Mob
Annaki Evolution TeeRespawn PunisherAnnaki
Yellow Layered LSQuick Super JumpSquidForce
Zink Layered LSRespawn PunisherZink
Layered Anchor LSRun Speed UpSquidForce
Choco Layered LSInk Saver (Sub)Takoroka
Layered Vector LSSpecial SaverTakoroka
Green TeeSpecial SaverForge
Red Tentatek TeeSwim Speed UpTentatek
Blue Tentatek TeeQuick RespawnTentatek
Shrimp-Pink PoloNinja SquidSplash Mob
Cycle King JerseyBomb Defense UpTentatek
Slipstream UnitedBomb Defense UpTakoroka
FC AlbacoreRespawn PunisherTakoroka
Berry Ski JacketSpecial Power UpInkline
Varsity JacketInk Saver (Sub)Zekko
Black Inky RiderSub Power UpRockenberg
White Inky RiderSpecial Power UpRockenberg
Blue Sailor SuitSub Power UpForge
Squid Satin JacketQuick RespawnZekko
Chilly Mountain CoatSwim Speed UpInkline
Takoroka WindcrusherCold-BloodedTakoroka
Matcha Down JacketNinja SquidInkline
FA-01 JacketInk Recovery UpForge
FA-01 ReversedQuick Super JumpForge
Pullover CoatThermal InkToni Kensa
Birded Corduroy JacketRun Speed UpZekko
Zekko Redleaf CoatHauntZekko
Eggplant Mountain CoatSpecial SaverInkline
Zekko Jade CoatRespawn PunisherZekko
B-ball Jersey (Away)Ink Saver (Sub)Zink
White King TankHauntEnperry
Slash King TankThermal InkEnperry
Navy King TankInk Resistance UpEnperry
Retro SweatBomb Defense UpSquidForce
Reel SweatSpecial Power UpZekko
Anchor SweatCold-BloodedSquidForce
Negative Longcuff SweaterHauntToni Kensa
Short Knit LayersInk Saver (Main)Toni Kensa
Positive Longcuff SweaterSwim Speed UpToni Kensa
Green-Check ShirtSub Power UpZekko
Urchins JerseyRun Speed UpZink
Baby-Jelly ShirtBomb Defense UpSplash Mob
Vintage Check ShirtHauntRockenberg
Logo Aloha ShirtInk Recovery UpZekko
Shirt & TieSpecial SaverSplash Mob
Hula Punk ShirtInk Saver (Main)Annaki
Octobowler ShirtInk Saver (Main)Krak-On
Inkfall ShirtSpecial Charge UpToni Kensa
Crimson ParashooterSpecial Charge UpAnnaki
Baby-Jelly Shirt & TieCold-BloodedSplash Mob
Prune ParashooterNinja SquidAnnaki
Dark Urban VestCold-BloodedFirefin
Yellow Urban VestHauntFirefin
Camo Zip HoodieQuick RespawnFirefin
Zekko HoodieNinja SquidZekko
Shirt with Blue HoodieSpecial Power UpSplash Mob
Grape HoodieQuick RespawnEnperry
Gray HoodieSub Power UpSkalop
School UniformInk Recovery Upamiibo
Samurai JacketSpecial Charge Upamiibo
Power ArmorQuick Respawnamiibo
School CardiganRun Speed Upamiibo
Squinja SuitSpecial Saveramiibo
Power Armor Mk IInk Resistance Upamiibo
Splatfest TeeAbility DoublerSquidForce
Hero Jacket ReplicaSwim Speed UpCuttlegear
Armor Jacket ReplicaSpecial Charge UpCuttlegear
Hero Hoodie ReplicaInk Recovery UpCuttlegear


Flow, at Headspace, sells a variety of hats and other headgear. As with the other gear shops, check in with Flow each day to see what new items she has in stock.

White HeadbandInk Recovery UpSquidForce
Urchins CapSub Power UpSkalop
Lightweight CapSwim Speed UpInkline
Takoroka MeshBomb Defense UpTakoroka
Squidvader CapSpecial Charge UpSkalop
Camo MeshSwim Speed UpFirefin
Five-Panel CapComebackZekko
Backwards CapQuick RespawnZekko
Cycle King CapBomb Defense UpTentatek
King Flip MeshRun Speed UpEnperry
Hickory Work CapSpecial Power UpKrak-On
Jellyvader CapInk Saver (Sub)Skalop
Bobble HatQuick Super JumpSplash Mob
Striped BeanieOpening GambitSplash Mob
Special Forces BeretOpening GambitForge
Knitted HatInk Resistance UpFirefin
Annaki BeretInk Resistance UpAnnaki
Retro SpecsQuick RespawnSplash Mob
Pilot GogglesSub Power UpForge
Tinted ShadesLast-Ditch EffortZekko
Snorkel MaskInk Saver (Sub)Forge
Fake ContactsSpecial Charge UpTentatek
18K AviatorsLast-Ditch EffortRockenberg
Half-Rim GlassesSpecial Power UpSplash Mob
Safari HatLast-Ditch EffortForge
Camping HatSpecial Power UpInkline
Blowfish Bell HatInk Recovery UpFirefin
Bamboo HatInk Saver (Main)Inkline
Straw BoaterQuick Super JumpSkalop
Bucket HatSpecial SaverSquidForce
Patched HatCold-BloodedSkalop
Studio HeadphonesInk Saver (Main)Forge
Noise CancelersQuick RespawnForge
Squidfin Hook CansInk Resistance UpForge
FishFry VisorSpecial Charge UpFirefin
Sun VisorSub Power UpTentatek
Takoroka VisorQuick Super JumpTakoroka
Bike HelmetInk Recovery UpSkalop
Visor Skate HelmetLast-Ditch EffortSkalop
MTB HelmetTenacityZekko
Hockey HelmetCold-BloodedForge
Paintball MaskComebackForge
Skull BandanaSpecial SaverForge
Painter’s MaskCold-BloodedSquidForce
Annaki MaskOpening GambitAnnaki
Squid FacemaskInk Saver (Main)SquidForce
Firefin FacemaskRun Speed UpFirefin
King FacemaskInk Saver (Sub)Enperry
Squash HeadbandSpecial SaverZink
Tennis HeadbandComebackTentatek
Soccer HeadbandTenacityTentatek
Squid HairclipSwim Speed Upamiibo
Samurai HelmetQuick Super Jumpamiibo
Power MaskBomb Defense Upamiibo
Squid Clip-OnsOpening Gambitamiibo
Squinja MaskQuick Respawnamiibo
Power Mask Mk IInk Resistance Upamiibo
Hero Headset ReplicaRun Speed UpCuttlegear
Armor Helmet ReplicaTenacityCuttlegear
Hero Headphones ReplicaQuick RespawnCuttlegear


Bisk, over at Shella Fresh, has plenty of footwear to choose from. Stock is rotated daily, so check back daily to find that item that you are looking for.

Cream BasicsSpecial SaverKrak-On
White SeahorsesInk Recovery UpZink
Strapping WhitesInk Saver (Sub)Splash Mob
Strapping RedsInk Resistance UpSplash Mob
LE Soccer ShoesInk Resistance UpTakoroka
Sunny Climbing ShoesSpecial SaverInkline
Birch Climbing ShoesSpecial Charge UpInkline
Red Hi-HorsesInk Saver (Main)Zink
Purple Hi-HorsesSpecial Power UpZink
Hunter Hi-TopsInk Recovery UpKrak-On
Gold Hi-HorsesRun Speed UpZink
MawcasinsInk Recovery UpSplash Mob
Mint DakroniksDrop RollerZink
Black DakroniksCold-BloodedZink
Piranha MoccasinsStealth JumpSplash Mob
White Norimaki 750sSwim Speed UpTentatek
Black Norimaki 750sSpecial Charge UpTentatek
Sunset Orca Hi-TopsDrop RollerTakoroka
Red & Black Squidkid IVSpecial Charge UpEnperry
Blue & Black Squidkid IVQuick Super JumpEnperry
Gray Sea-Slug Hi-TopsBomb Defense UpTentatek
Orca Hi-TopsSpecial SaverTakoroka
Pink TrainersSub Power UpTentatek
Orange ArrowsInk Saver (Main)Takoroka
Neon Sea SlugsInk Resistance UpTentatek
Purple Sea SlugsRun Speed UpTentatek
Crazy ArrowsStealth JumpTakoroka
Black TrainersQuick RespawnTentatek
Canary TrainersQuick Super JumpTentatek
Yellow-Mesh SneakersCold-BloodedTentatek
Arrow Pull-OnsDrop RollerToni Kensa
Red-Mesh SneakersSpecial Power UpTentatek
Oyster ClogsRun Speed UpKrak-On
Choco ClogsQuick RespawnKrak-On
Neon Delta StrapsSub Power UpInkline
Black Flip-FlopsObject ShredderZekko
Snow Delta StrapsSwim Speed UpInkline
Blueberry CasualsInk Saver (Sub)Krak-On
Plum CasualsObject ShredderKrak-On
Trail BootsInk Recovery UpInkline
Pro Trail BootsInk Resistance UpInkline
Moto BootsQuick RespawnRockenberg
Blue Moto BootsInk Resistance UpRockenberg
Acerola Rain BootsRun Speed UpInkline
Punk WhitesSpecial Charge UpRockenberg
Hunting BootsBomb Defense UpSplash Mob
Punk BlacksCold-BloodedRockenberg
Blue Slip-OnsSub Power UpKrak-On
White KicksSwim Speed UpRockenberg
Cherry KicksStealth JumpRockenberg
Roasted BroguesBomb Defense UpRockenberg
Kid ClamsSpecial Power UpRockenberg
Smoky WingtipsObject ShredderRockenberg
School ShoesInk Saver (Sub)amiibo
Samurai ShoesSpecial Power Upamiibo
Power BootsInk Saver (Main)amiibo
Fringed LoafersCold-Bloodedamiibo
Squinja BootsSwim Speed Upamiibo
Power Boots Mk IBomb Defense Upamiibo
Hero Runner ReplicasQuick Super JumpCuttlegear
Armor Boot ReplicasInk Saver (Main)Cuttlegear
Hero Snowboots ReplicasInk Saver (Sub)Cuttlegear

This concludes our Splatoon 2 Gear Guide. If you have anything else to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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