Splatoon 2 Guide – How to Unlock the Single Player Campaign, Entrance Location

This Splatoon 2 Guide will help you how to unlock and play the single player campaign of the newly released Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch console. Splatoon 2 is basically a multiplayer game and for those who do not want to test their mettle against the competition online, can play the single player campaign.

This Splatoon 2 Guide will help you take a trip through the world of Octarians as you try to save all of the Zapfish that have been taken prisoner. We have detailed how to start the single player campaign in Splatoon 2 and also where to go and how to find the initial levels of the game.

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Splatoon 2 Guide – How to Start the Singeplayer Campaign

In our Splatoon 2 Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about starting the game’s singleplayer campaign.

Splatoon 2 Guide

Upon arrival in Inkopolis Square, you will have a lot of options to do and complete. In this article, our main focus is set to starting the single player campaign. Complete the tutorial which is basically a tour of all the buildings. You will get to know about every building around and what you can do there. After the tutorial is finished, head straight and turn left.

You will see an inkling standing in the back-left corner of the square holding a green umbrella over their head. If you approach this inkling, it will turn into a squid and drop through the grating covering a manhole. Follow the squid down the grating.

You will come out in the Tentakeel Outpost. Here you will meet a character which will be familiar if you have played the first game on Wii U. We are not giving out the name to avoid any spoilers.

After a small conversation and a small introduction to the plot of the game, you will come to know that a great Zapfish has once more taken by the evil Octarians. Your main mission here is to save the Zapfish and along the way, foil Octarian’s plan once and for all. The first area has three levels that you need to complete.

The entrance to the first level is right in front of you. It is beyond the large incline in the middle of the outpost. Shoot the entrance with your ink to make it appear and then head inside.

Once the first level is completed, you can enter the second level by looking for the small square at the back of the area. There should be a lot of grating around it. Turn to your squid form and enter through the grates and shoot at the gate to ink it. Once it is inked, the entrance will appear. Enter to complete the level.

The last level of this area is located off to the right of the first level’s entrance. Look for a group of boxes that you can destroy and then head across the platform that juts out and ink the end. The entrance to the final level will appear here, enter and complete the level.

This concludes our Splatoon 2 Guide on Unlocking the Singleplayer Campaign. If you have anything to add, feel free to add in the comments section below!