Beyond Good And Evil 2 Once Again Won’t Be At E3; Remains Out Of Reach

Fans hoping to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 will once again be disappointed when E3 rolls around; the game’s creator Michael Ancel squashed rumors started by Nintendo insider Lauren Kate Dale that the game would be a Nintendo Switch timed exclusive. However, we’ll apparently hear about it this year.

Beyond Good and Evil is an action-adventure game that came out on the original Xbox in 2003, and immediately became regarded as a classic. Since then, no real news of a sequel has materialized, despite multiple rumors that the console would be at E3 time and again.

The game still has yet to make an appearance at the biggest game event of the year, but from what Ancel says, we’ll still be hearing about it sometime this year. Apparently, the reason behind Beyond Good and Evil 2 not being at E3 is because Ancel doesn’t believe that the conference is the best place to show it off.

While a large number of other nostalgia games have previously been revealed to be getting remasters or remakes at the shows, Beyond Good and Evil for some reason doesn’t want to be there, whether it’s because of fears that it might get lost in the crowd, or that it might not get a good enough reaction.

If the game is only on the Nintendo Switch, rather than being multi-platform like it was in its previous incarnation, it would be something of a shock to many gamers that they’re being left out in the cold while Beyond Good and Evil 2 is put exclusively on the Switch, timed or no.

Either way, the game apparently still won’t be at E3, much to the dismay of its fans. While the first game has since been made available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program, that likely has only whet people’s appetite for the sequel.