Nioh Best Items Guide – Must-Have Items, How to Get

Nioh Best Items Guide that gives an overview of some of the must-have items that you need in Nioh throughout the course of the game.

Items in Nioh are in huge abundance. These items range from usable items to key items. There are, however, some items which we absolutely recommend getting in the game to make the experience a tad more forgiving.

Most of these Nioh items can be acquired early in the game either as monster drops or from vendors.

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Nioh Best Items Guide

For your convenience, I’ve also listed down all the items that you can find in the game. In our Nioh Best Items Guide, we’ve detailed what we consider to be some of the must-have items in the game.

Nioh Best Items

The Book of Reincarnation
You can buy the Book of Reincarnation from Tome the Blacksmith.

This book basically resets your character to Level 1 by refunding all the Skill Points and Amrita you spent to level up your character.

So if a boss is giving you a hard time because you don’t have sufficient damage/HP or you simply want to try out a new building without creating a new character, buying the Book of Reincarnation is the answer.

One copy of the book is usable only once, but you can buy multiple copies at an increasing cost.

The first one should cost you 10,000 Gold and the second one should cost you 30,000 Gold. Therefore, make up your mind before you decide to buy them.

Summoner’s Candle
Similar to SoulsBorne games; if you die, you lose all of your Amrita at the place of your death and must get it back by traveling to the place.

However, whenever you respawn or rest at a Shrine, all the dead enemies – excluding bosses and NPCs – in the game also respawn. Due to this, it becomes a tad hard and risky to reclaim your Amrita.

The reason being: if you die again while trying to retrieve your lost Amrita, you lose it for good.

This is where the Summoner’s Candle comes in. This item basically allows you to reclaim your lost Amrita and Guardian Spirit while sitting at a Shrine; without having to travel to the place of your death.

The Travel Amulet
Those of you who have played Dark Souls must be familiar with an item called the Homeward Bone. This is exactly what the Travel Amulet is.

Suppose you’ve around 100,000 Amrita on you which you can use to level up from Level 40 to Level 50, but you’re in a place without any Shrine nearby. If you don’t know what lies ahead and don’t want to risk losing all your hard-earned Amrita, you can simply use the Travel Amulet and warp to the Shrine you last prayed at.

This item is a common enemy drop and you should find plenty of them throughout the game.

There’s another item called the Hara-kiri Sword which does the same job, but at the cost of all the Amrita in your inventory so I don’t recommend using it; especially in a situation presented above.

In Nioh, Whetstones can be found all across the in-game world and are also dropped by enemies.

Weapon Familiarity is a neat little concept in Nioh which allows you to increase Weapon Familiarity as you continue to use a weapon. It’s a good idea to do so because a higher Weapon Familiarity means increased damage and additional abilities.

However, continuing to use a weapon is not the only answer!

Whetstones in the game allow you to permanently gain Weapon Familiarity on all the equipped weapons. There’s another item called the Uchiko Powder which does the same job, but its effect is temporary.

Other Items

Usable Items

These are the items that you can use to gain multiple benefits.

Neutralizes the effects of poison.

Restores health – can be replenished at a Shrine.

Fire Amulet
Imbues your weapon with fire for a short period.

A powerful grenade that deals shrapnel to all enemies in every direction.

Toss a grenade that damages enemies within an area.

Moment Talisman
Summons a Guardian Spirit to attack enemies for a short period.

Sacred Water
Speeds up Ki recovery for a short period.

Lowers Ki of nearby Yokai.

Signpost Talisman
Places a signpost that leaves an indication on your mini-map.

Small Spirit Stone
Use to receive 100 Amrita.

Spirit Stone
Use to receive 500 Amrita.

Throw to damage or lure enemies.

Summoner’s Candle
Summon your Guardian Spirit and Amrita from a grave.

Travel Amulet
Use to travel back to the last Shrine prayed at.

Uchiko Powder
Temporarily raises familiarity.

Raises the familiarity of an equipped weapon by 150.

Yokai Water Pot
Opens a portal to the Yokai Realm when thrown.

Young Samurai’s Locks
Use to gain 2 Samurai Skill Points.

Key Items

These are the items that you can use for specific purposes e.g. opening certain doors.

Dungeon Key
Opens the dungeon in Mission 1.

Hara-kiri Sword
Lose all Amrita and return to the nearest Shrine.

Himorogi Fragment
Uses up all Amrita and allow you to quit a Mission.

Key to Residence
Opens the Manor Gate in Mission 2.

Cup used for summoning other players at a Shrine.


These are the items which can be used as ammunition for your ranged weapons.

Standard use Long Bow ammunition.

Hamaya Arrow
Specialized Long Bow ammunition against Yokai – can dispel Yokai Realms.

Rifle Ammunition
Standard use Rifle ammunition.

Roaring-Gun Ammunition
Highly destructive Rifle ammunition with extra penetration power.

Crafting Material

This section of the guide lists items that you can use to craft new weapons and armor sets.

  • Ingot
  • Wood
  • Lacquer
  • Iron Kozane
  • Quality Ingot
  • Leather Cord
  • Quality Wood
  • Tamahagane
  • Demon’s Horn
  • Quality Lacquer
  • Spirit Iron Chunk
  • Leather Kozane
  • High-Quality Wood
  • Spirit Iron Fragment
  • Quality Tamahagane
  • High-Quality Ingot
  • Quality Iron Kozane
  • Quality Leather Cord
  • Highest-Quality Ingot
  • High-Quality Lacquer
  • Highest-Quality Wood
  • High-Quality Tamahagane
  • Quality Leather Kozane
  • Highest-Quality Lacquer
  • High-Quality Iron Kozane
  • High-Quality Leather Cord
  • Highest-Quality Iron Kozane
  • High-Quality Leather Kozane
  • Highest-Quality Leather Cord
  • Highest-Quality Tamahagane
  • Highest-Quality Leather Kozane

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Best Items Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!