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Nioh Ochoko Cups Farming Guide – Quick Farming Tips for Co-op Play

Nioh Ochoko Cups Farming Guide to help you farm this essential item which is required for co-op play and to summon friends in the game.

Ochoko Cups are a very useful item in Nioh and absolutely essential to co-op play in order to summon friends. Players have to trade Ochoko Cups as a reward if they want to summon some other player to help them complete a mission.

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Nioh Ochoko Cups Farming Guide

While Ocohoko Cups are gradually acquired by playing through the game as drops from certain enemies or as mission rewards, there is a way to farm them so that players never have to worry about them when trying to summon someone.

In our Nioh Ochoko Cups Farming Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know to efficiently farm Ochoko Cups in the game and summon friends to play with.

Ochoko Cup Farming

The best way to farm a lot of Ochoko Cups is to fight Revenants and so far it seems like they are the only enemies in the game that drop this item. Revenants are phantoms of other players who died in that specific spot where the players summon them but they are actually AI controlled.

To Summon a Revenant, players need to look for red swords sticking out of the ground marking graves of dead players.

From there players can summon them. It is possible to summon Revenants even when players are offline since developers have added in some of their own NPC revenants in the game but the best way is by playing online so there are more summoning options.

The higher the level of the Revenant, the better chance it has to drop an Ochoko Cup upon death. However, players should make sure they can handle the fight before summoning a Revenant. It is more efficient to farm multiple low/easier Revenants than fighting a high-level one which could prove to be challenging.

Players can also focus on completing side missions which reward them with Ochoko Cups but so far, the best and surefire way of getting this item is by fighting Revenants.

Thankfully there is another incentive to fighting them since besides Ochoko Cups, they also drop Glory and other loot items. Early game main missions are the best place to look for dead players to summon Revenants as a lot of new players die in those locations.

This is all we have on our Nioh Ochoko Cup Farming Guide. If there’s anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!