AMD GDC Conference, AMD Ryzen Should Be Out By Then, 3rd March

This just out, AMD will be doing a GDC conference event. At the event, AMD will be talking about how developers will optimize programs for AMD Ryzen. Seeing how this event will deal with technical things and optimization and will be held from February 27th to 3rd March it is possible that the AMD Ryzen chip will be out by then.

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Mobile World Congress will also be around the same time and it would be a competitive time for AMD to release the AMD Ryzen chip. It will be great if AMD will be able to keep up with the demand and there will be no shortages.

AMD Ryzen

If you are a developer and are looking to get some passes to the event then you can do so now. Join in the action by getting the passes in time before they run out. There will be limited seats for the event. AMD Ryzen is the hot topic these days and it will be interesting to see how this upcoming product will impact the market.

It will be interesting to see how Intel reacts to the AMD Ryzen CPU and how Nvidia will react to the GPUs based on Vega.

AMD Ryzen

At CES 2017 we were able to see what the AM4 platform will be like. Many partners showed what they had in the works and it was interesting to see how partners were preparing for the launch of the AMD Ryzen chip.

Looking at how these preparations have been done it does not seem it will take Ryzen too long to be released for the average consumer.

AMD Ryzen

We also got to see some cooling solutions that will be compatible with AMD Ryzen as the chip will feature an unlocked multiplier and will have overclocking capabilities. What do you think about AMD Ryzen and Vega?