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PS4 Slim Price Listed By A U.K Based Retailer, To Be Priced at £380?

With Sony’s best efforts to contain the leaks regarding PlayStation 4 Slim, it seems that the company is just having a bad time. Recently, images of PlayStation 4 Slim were leaked on the internet, this time PS4 Slim price has been listed on a online retailer’s site.

According to U.K.-based used goods retailer CEX, the PS4 Slim price is listed at £380. Right now the stock for the console is not available, which is obvious, but could also be a placeholder.

PS4 Slim price

This is not the first time CEX has done something like this, as previously CEX was in the news  for selling copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ahead of release day.

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Recently, few images of PlayStation 4 Slim leaked, and the console is expected to be shown at PlayStation Meeting that is to be held on September 7.

However, shortly after the images were leaked, a video also surfaced on the internet that showed the un-boxing of PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 Slim is slightly smaller than the original PlayStation 4 model. The controller is identical to the original as far as can tell in terms of its size. But there slight changes made to its finish and lights.

In other news, a man has been sentenced for life plus five more years in prison over killing another man for PlayStation 4. Back in 2014, Nathaniel Vivian murdered a man over PlayStation 4.

What do you think of PS4 Slim price? Do you think it will sold at that price? Let us know in the comments.