Watch Dogs 2 Details; Hack Every Vehicle, Super Hacking Tools, Different Ways to Play

Watch Dogs 2 is finally revealed and it looks pretty good thankfully. The earlier leaked trailer showed bits of the reveal footage which didn’t seem too impressive. However, the official video and gameplay details now have us very excited for the next Watch Dogs game.

The concept is identical to the one we had in Watch Dogs 1. You control a brilliant hacker who has been wronged by the system that controls the whole city, its medical facilities, police, surveillance systems and what not.

Now you are out for revenge and want yourself and the people of San Francisco to be free of ctOS 2.0. You can freely roam the entire city, climb rooftops using Mirror’s Edge/ Assassin’s Creed like parkour and play the game your own way.

There are three primary ways to play Watch Dogs 2 and create your own experiences. Keep in mind that your agenda is to free the city so you don’t you to kill innocent officials who are just doing their jobs.

You can use non-lethal means to complete the entire game (I’m sure there would be a trophy/achievement for that). You can use various recon tools like a drone or a mini robot to survey areas you need to infiltrate.¬†You can use a mini robot to silently reach a locked door and hack to open it.

Of course, you can go all guns blazing and kill everyone and everything in sight. The thrid way is to mix both nonlethal and lethal means to complete the game, mix things up depending on the situation and mission.

Hacking options and abilities have been vastly expanded.

Each and every vehicle in the game can be hacked and remotely driven. This opens up a range of possibilities for distractions, kills, and escapes.

Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco is home to many major tech companies and some of them are actually trying to manipulate the populations. You can hack into these companies to find their secrets and bring them down.

You will also come across different factions such as various criminal groups that operate beneath the city via underground tunnels etc, and other hackers who want to profit from accessing ctOS 2.0.

Parkour is a huge improvement over Watch Dogs 1. The new lead, Marcus, is more skilled and is able to chain different moves together during parkour.

Aiden was a little dull but Marcus is a much more expressive character who will do a better job connecting with the player, which notice this during combat and parkour as well.

Marcus is using a very unique but creative melee weapon which is a billiard ball attached to strings. He smashes that across the faces of his enemies to bring them down.

Watch Dogs 2 will be at E3 2016 so tune into SegmentNext on June 12 for more on Watch Dogs 2.

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