The Division DLC has Xbox One Exclusivity for One Month

It has come to light that The Division DLC will be exclusive to Xbox One for Month. This shouldn't be a problem though or should it?

Players will get at least one positive out of the game not being exclusive to Xbox One: The Division DLC will be available on the Xbox One a full month before the PS4.

According to a GameStop promo, Xbox owners will get preferential treatment from Ubisoft for The Division, including both early access to the open beta coming this weekend and the three different DLC packs that will become available over the game’s life.

These DLC packs include “Underground,” which allows parties of four to explore the sinister underworld of New York, “Survival,” which may be some kind of horde mode, and “Last Stand,” though the last has had no details revealed about it.

The Division, which was first revealed at E3 in 2014, focuses on a group of covert operatives that are inserted into the masses across America in order to safeguard it against terrorist attacks. This attack comes in the form of a massive viral outbreak on Black Friday, and causes New York City to fall into lawlessness as the Division goes into action.

Players will initially have the run of a good portion of Manhattan, including a PVP area known as the “Dark Zone,” where players can shoot each other at the cost of becoming a target for other groups.

The Division’s closed beta ended on February 2 after being up since January 28. In the beta players were able to go into the Dark Zone and do a number of missions around Manhattan, though Ubisoft has also stated that progress on the closed beta will not carry over to the open one.

The second game to come out bearing the Tom Clancy label since the author’s untimely death in 2013 (after Rainbow Six: Siege), The Division intends to be a sort of shared-world shooter along the lines of Bungie’s Destiny. Whether The Division will run into the same issues Destiny did, however, remains to be seen.

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