Report: God of War 4 at E3 is a Possibility? It Should Be

We have seen quite some PlayStation exclusive franchises come to life on PlayStation 3, and many of those franchises got their sequel on PlayStation 4 except for GOD Of War franchise. Now an industry insider claims that “God Of War 4 at E3” is definitely be going to happen.

Sony Santa Monica is the studio behind the God Of War franchise, and the studio is yet to release a new AAA title for PlayStation 4. This could change at E3, as Shinobi602, who is a well known game industry insider and has revealed reliable information about games in past, confirmed the presence of God Of War 4 at E3.

Shinobi602 said during the HamRadio podcast:

I’ve had almost every single game console since the NES, all of the SEGA ones too so I have no allegiance, and I love Microsoft’s first-parties, but Sony is probably my favorite because I love Uncharted, I love God of War especially. I would expect that [at E3 2016] for sure…They’re definitely going to have God of War there.

There has been no God Of War released since God Of War Ascension which was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3. However, Sony did launched a God Of War 3 remastered version on PlayStation 4 back in summer 2015.

Earlier this year a Resume for a veteran animator surfaced online, where he listed all the tiles he has ever worked on and the latest one was God Of War.

Back in April Shinobi also leaked some God Of War concept art, which gave us quite a idea about the setting of the game. According to the leak, God Of War 4 will take players to Nordic mythology.

However, Sony has not yet announced anything regarding the existence of God Of War 4, and the leaks and other signs are pointing towards the reveal of game at E3.

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