God of War 4 Exists! Veteran Animator Says He is Working on Gorgon & Hydra Creatures

A veteran animator's resume reveals that he has worked on God of War 4 in 2015! The game is already in development secretly.

We know that it is April’s Fools Day today but Harry Walton, a veteran animator with decades of experience doesn’t appear to be lying about this one on his CV. While digging in for another scoop we have picked up evidence suggesting that God of War 4 might actually be in development right now – even since last year!

Harry Walton is an animator who has been in the film and gaming industry since 1968, and has a ton of blockbusters to his name.

God of War 4 Leaked?

We stumbled upon his resume on his website where he has listed down the projects that he has worked for until now, guess what the latest among that list was? Yes, a new God of War game.

Under his “accomplishments” he says that he has worked on God of War in 2015 for “animation of Gorgon & Hydra creatures for a special venue.” During this time, he was working with Brain Zoo Studios as the Senior Character Animator.

He does not give away anything else in his CV about the game as well as the stuff he has worked on, but if this is any clue, God of War 4 could have been in development all this time.

God of War 4

There also are rumors that the game is going to be a launch title for the unconfirmed PlayStation 4K alongside Deep Down. However, none of this has been confirmed yet.

Before this, there have been talks about a game that could potentially be GOW4 at Sony Santa Monica too, and some retailers have also listed it for the PS4.

Amidst all the April Fools’ pranks, we are reading into this cautiously.

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