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Dark Souls 3 NG+ Guide – Know What Changes You Should Expect

Similar to earlier iterations, Dark Souls 3 has a NG+ or New Game Plus mode that ups the game’s difficulty even more. Dark Souls 3 NG+ can be started any time after completing the first playthrough. After the credits roll, you will be asked whether you would like to start the NG+ or not.

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Dark Souls 3 NG+ Guide

Since you can jump into Dark Souls 3 NG+ anytime while resting at a Bonfire, you should consider clearing out a few things first. Before we discuss what you should do prior to starting Dark Souls 3 NG+, here are lists of things you keep and lose after jumping into the NG+ mode:

Dark Souls 3 NG+ – Things that Stay Put

  • Weapons, Shields, Items, Upgrades, etc.
  • All Character Attributes, Stats, etc.
  • Pledged Covenants
  • Bonfire Level, Character Level, Estus Flask Level, etc.

Dark Souls 3 NG+ – Things that Reset

  • All Bonfire Locations, Bosses, NPCs, Enemies, etc.
  • All Gestures, Keys, Specialized Items, etc.
  • More and Tougher Enemies

One important thing to note here is since you will see a variety of tougher enemies in Dark Souls 3 NG+, you will obtain more loot and more Souls in this mode.

Once you have successfully completed the NG+ mode, you will be asked whether you would like to play even tougher NG+2 or not.

Before you start the NG+, you should consider exploring each and every corner of the world to find rare items and level up some more. Moreover, try to buy most of the important items from vendors.

If you feel like it, you should also try and kill all NPCs including vendors, blacksmith, etc. just out of curiosity. I’m sure you will get surprised. NPCs and vendors respawn in the NG+, so don’t let it bother you.

Finally, start the game whenever you feel you are ready!

This is pretty much all regarding our Dark Souls 3 NG+ guide. Need more help? Let us know in the comments section below!