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PlayStation Communities Feature is a Hit, 400K Communities Joined by Players

Sony recently introduced PlayStation Communities for PlayStation users on PS4. It looks like the feature is a hit because the engagement rate is through the roof.

According to the latest figures shared by the company, 400K communities have been joined by players. The feature was launched with update 3.0 and since then its popularity has only gone uphill.

“Since communities launched, millions of PlayStation players have joined at least 400,000 communities.”

It was also revealed that Sony will soon make life a bit easier for community members and moderators. The company will soon add a search feature.

Nick Hunter, head of the Stark scrum team said:

We spun up five new services for Communities.You hope that your features get to that level of engagement.The size of my Friends list has grown.I’m meeting more people. I’m using the platform more. It was fun to develop, and it’s fun to use

You can read more on this over at PlayStation Blog.

On a related note, PlayStation 4 is once again the top selling console for the month of November 2015. Black Friday has plenty to do with it, Sony announced its most successful Black Friday:

We’ve just seen the most successful Black Friday in the company’s history. We are now trying to benchmark against the success of the PlayStation 2 – or exceed it if possible.

Sarmad Lillah wrote:

It would be interesting to note here that Andrew House might not be talking about the undoable here. Some time ago it was revealed that the speed at which the PlayStation 4 is selling in Asia is faster than the speed at which the PlayStation 2 had sold in the region.

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