Sony: PS4 Competing with PS2 Now; Black Friday was Best in History

Sony CEO Andrew House says PS4 is going to directly compete with sales standards of the PS2; Black Friday was best in company history.

Remember when we reported some time ago that the PS4 had sold more than 30 million copies ever since it was launched? That is indeed impressive, but it would be even more impressive to see it officially try to beat the PS2. After a very successful Black Friday, Sony is doing exactly that.

Andrew House, the global chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment was recently commenting on what they have achieved and what they want to achieve when he revealed that the Black Friday 2015 sales they made were the best in the history of the company.

That is not all, House even went on to claim that they are “trying” to match the level of PlayStation 2 now – which is definitely going to be hard for them. Here’s his comment:

We’ve just seen the most successful Black Friday in the company’s history. We are now trying to benchmark against the success of the PlayStation 2 – or exceed it if possible.

House says that the PS4 can outpace the PS2 in the first three to five years – do keep in mind that the PS2 is the most soled console ever.

It would be interesting to note here that Andrew House might not be talking about the undoable here. Some time ago it was revealed that the speed at which the PlayStation 4 is selling in Asia is faster than the speed at which the PlayStation 2 had sold in the region.

Although this is just about one market segment, it does show the potential. Also, Sony is talking about getting there in three to five years’ time, we are only just two years into the release of PS4 and it is already going strong.

Last but not the least, House agrees that if all the Virtual Reality headsets manage to sell 2.5 million units together in their first year it will neither be unrealistic nor a disappointment.

Source: Financial Review.

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