Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC Suger Legacy Symbols Locations, Riddles / Puzzles Solutions

As a compensation of flubbing Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Ubisoft gave away Dead Kings DLC for free to all ACU owners – which is available now.

Bringing its own share of missions, optional quests, puzzles, and collectibles; the said DLC pits Arno against a gloomy Paris with its own horrors and mysteries. One of the riddles that you (playing as Arno) can solve in Dead Kings is Suger Legacy Riddles.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings Suger Legacy Symbols Locations

Suger Legacy Symbols are similar to Nostradamus Enigma from the main game.

Following is a quick rundown of all these puzzles and their solutions. Once you’ve solved all of these, you’ll acquire “Eagle of Suger” sword and unlock “Defender of Franciade” Achievement/Trophy.

Nativitatis et Mortiso

Riddle #1

Though blessed their lives have been
in the spirit’s shelter
newborns’ curse begins
by the tainted water

Symbol Location: From where you acquire the puzzle, jump down and rotate back to the church’s front doors (warded by two guards). Activate your Eagle Vision to locate the brightly-lit on the left side of church’s door.

Riddle #2

Our children in the ark
Find in life no beauty
For it bore the mark
Of three white walls bloody

Symbol Location: Go to the north of the orphanage where Leon lives and activate your Eagle Vision near a well (adjacent to a red wall).

Riddle #3

Dust, ashes and root,
We meet where it all ends
Cut, it once bore fruit,
No more it ascends

Symbol Location: Travel to the northeast side of the map (in the Cemetery District) thence into the east side of the graveyard. You need to look for a tree stump in the area as it contains the last symbol.


Riddle #1

Ours the most injurious
Of all banes known to men,
For not if, merely when,
Black death shall follow our curse

Symbol Location: From the tower, turn west and climb all the way down! Once you’re down, head north until you come across a wooden structure with a few guards outside. The symbol is located on the wooden fall facing north.

Riddle #2

In a street such christened
One should wager
That the black death reigns,
Spread by this tiny stranger

Symbol Location: Just turn around and keep your Eagle Vision activated! Check the western wall to find this symbol.

Riddle #3

The plague has two forms
One of death and molder.
Another is our swarms
Feeding on cadaver

Symbol Location: From your last location, head south and walk into a blind alley. Go all the way to the end and find the symbol etched in the wall.


Riddle #1

Ground the daily wheat,
Ere the colossal cross,
Worn by the ages,
Aided by a horse

Symbol Location: From your initial location, travel towards the windmill and find the symbol at the base of windmill.

Riddle #2

Our elements combined
Make for glowing mire,
In the sylvan entwined
Crown of rock and fire

Symbol Location: From the windmill, walk towards the southwest edge of the map until you come across a large balefire. Activate your Eagle Vision and check the stone to find the symbol.

Riddle #3

While in the sacred grove
Fire elements compile,
Left out that which flows
Abandoned for a while

Symbol Location: From the balefire, walk towards the northwest end of the map until you come to a well with the symbol etched on the wall behind it.


Riddle #1

As cast from the moon
Should those walls aspire
To compare to the bloom
Of the crescent’s attire

Symbol Location: From your starting position, face south and climb all the way down. Keep your Eagle Vision activated and locate it on an adjacent wall.

Riddle #2

Round a tree withering,
Just two fountains past,
Are lost souls feasting
While their short nights last

Symbol Location: From your last position, walk towards the northwest edge of the map and continue along the path until you come across a fountain and a wizened tree. The symbol is located on a wall behind the fountain.

Riddle #3

Obscure, eternal
Slumber is to those
Under rock and rubble
A feast for the crows

Symbol Location: Go to the Cemetery District and walk towards the northern end of the graveyard. The symbol is located on a large stone placed near a fast-travel Viewpoint.


Riddle #1

Of the day’s lodestar
An imperfect brother
A flower as close and as far
As my doppelganger

Symbol Location: Climb up the northern side of the Basilica and look for it on a large sunflower window on the wall.

Riddle #2

Seven of us we count
To the Lord’s Day’s tower
Of Saint Denis’ paramount
Its base shines brighter

Symbol Location: Walk to the front entrance of the Basilica (right outside the graveyard) and locate the symbol just around the entrance’s corner.

Riddle #3

Under the zenith
Never has water
From the font holier
Been so brightly lit

Symbol Location: From your last position, climb up and enter the building. Once inside, climb the stairs and get to the library in the center. After you get there, activate your Eagle Vision to locate the symbol on the floor near the holy water.

Important: Riddles located in Diabolus and Crux are story-related and cannot be missed!

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