EA Sports UFC Career Mode Tips and Strategy Guide

By   /   Jun 24, 2014

Although the good ole button mashing technique seems to work for many, you cannot rely on it for most of the situations.

EA Sports UFC Career Mode

With that being said, check out our EA Sports UFC Career Mode Guide which will surely pave your path to becoming the ultimate champion.

Basic Tips

Play In-Game Practice Tutorials
Though it won’t do wonders, but you should always pay heed to in-game tutorials. Not only these will provide you with a firm understanding of the game, but you’ll also get some first-hand practice.

And while you’re at it, check out our EA Sports UFC Guides in which we have covered some basic techniques that every UFC player must know!

Focus on the Ground Game
Ground Game refers to attacking your opponent after a successful Takedown. With Ground Attacks, you’ll not only be dealing massive damage to your opponent, but also depleting his/her Stamina.

While your opponent is on the ground, you’ll be able to Transition yourself into different positions and even try for a Submission Attempt.

Practicing Ground Game will ensure that you give a hard time to your opponent. We have compiled a separate Ground Game Guide.

Make sure to check it out for more information!

Dodge Opponent Attacks
Dodging and Blocking are the most important aspect of any fighting game, and EA Sports UFC is no different.

While simple blocking has its benefits, I would not recommend using it all the time. Why? Because it does not absorb 100% of the damage and depletes your character’s Stamina far more quickly.

Therefore, instead of Blocking, try and opt for Dodging. With Dodging, you’ll be able to create a safe distance between you and your opponent. Not only this will help you punish their whiffs, but avoid taking damage.

We have another guide related to UFC Striking and How to Avoid Getting Hit. Make sure to check it out!

Advanced Tips

Know your Opponent
Just as a match starts, don’t go barging in expecting to win a round. Take some time to know your opponent and familiarize yourself with the playstyle of your opponent.

Play out with different techniques and see which one works better for you! If your opponent is more into defensive playstyle, take the fight to the ground and deplete his/her Stamina before going in for the Submission Attempt.

Long story short! Try winning the round before finishing the fight.

Clinch Away
Clinching is by far the most useful technique for me! Most UFC players aren’t aware of how Clinching Mechanism work which puts clinching players on a huge advantage.

After getting your opponent in a Thai-Clinch, you will be able to execute different sorts of attacks; ranging from legs to head. Furthermore, Clinching can also be used to Takedown an opponent followed by a Submission Attempt.

Familiarizing yourself with clinching will ensure that you don’t fall prey to other Clinching players. Take some time and work around with Clinching, Transition Positions, and how to get on your feet after a knock out.

We have a separate guide on clinching which will guide you through all the basics of Clinching in EA Sports UFC.

Be the Unpredictable
This small tip can put you on a huge advantage, provided you don’t mess it up.

If you have been playing the game for a few hours now, you must know that each (Low, Medium, and High) strike needs to be manually blocked while going for Power Blocking.

You can use this thing for your own benefit by mixing different types of attacks in a fight. Your opponent will mostly try and block the High and Medium attacks, completely ignoring the Lower ones.

Use it to your advantage and execute a mix of these attacks combined with Takedowns, Clinching, and Submission Attempt. The idea is to be as unpredictable as possible and you will be leaving your opponent confused!

Best Way of Spending your Evolution Points
You will earn Evolution Points while progressing through the game. These points can be used to upgrade the skills of your fighter or buy extra moves.

Now, learning new moves can be helpful at times, but I would recommend going for Submissions, Movements, Takedowns, and other skills; furthermore, considering focusing on your basic defense like Chin, Stamina, and Endurance.

The Best Transitions
Your opponent’s mounts can be quite frustrating at times, especially if you don’t have much transitions to use. Your best bet is to spend your Evolution Points in Submissive Full Mount to Half Guard and Submissive Back Mount to Half Guard.

Although I would recommend getting all transitions, but it is a good idea to spend your early points in buying the above mentioned ones.

Note that this guide is just to lay the foundation of your base game. Try out different things and see which technique works best for you!

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