EA Sports UFC Striking Tips, Tricks and How To Block Attacks

Tips and tricks to improve EA Sports UFC Striking and be an offensive player with an ability to successfully block your opponent's attacks.

In EA Sports UFC, striking refers to your basic attacks in an engagement. Just like most of the fighting games out there, the main four buttons on Dualshock 4 and Xbox One Controller represent each limb of your character.

EA Sports UFC Striking

In this guide, I’ll be providing you with the very basics of striking. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll have no issues in developing a unique fighting style of your own.

Offensive Striking

As I have mentioned above, in EA Sports UFC, each of the four buttons (A/B/X/Y) on your Xbox One Controller represents your characters’ limbs. These simple attacks can further be modified by combining them with other buttons.

For instance, holding the left analog stick in either the left or right direction, and holding down L1/LB/R1/RB while executing your four basic attacks will execute some advanced attacks.

Furthermore, you can hold down L2/LT and perform any of the four basic attacks to perform a body attack. Keeping this in mind, you can push the left analog stick in the forward direction, hold down R1/RB, and press X for a more advanced attack.

Advanced/Heavy Attacks can easily knock down your opponents, giving you enough room to go in and launch some additional attacks. In order to do so, you can hold the left analog stick in the forward direction and press the X or Y to go in and attack the grounded opponent.


While striking, your Stamina plays an important role. Continuing to strike while not giving your character some rest will deplete you of all your Stamina.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different fighters have different move sets and signature moves. Hence, you’ll have to experiment with each one of them to discover their best moves.

Blocking your Opponent’s Attacks

Fighting is not always about being aggressive and trying to corner your opponent. It is also about reading your opponent and finding some breathing room before coming up with your own attacks.

Blocking is a very simple yet important aspect of the game. Simply holding down R2/RT button will block almost all of your opponent’s attacks. However, you need to note that doing so will deplete your Stamina and won’t block 100% of the damage.

Advanced Blocking is another tactic, which will let you block out 100% damage caused by your opponent’s attacks. To perform the advanced blocking, you need to hold down R2/RT and press either Square/Triangle/X/Circle.

Timely blocking your opponent’s attack has more rewards than just blocking off 100% damage. Doing so will give your more than enough room to launch your own attack or perform a parry.

However, unlike simple blocking, you’ll have to manually block higher and lower attacks. If your opponent attacks with Square/Triangle, you’ll have to press R2/RT followed by Square/Triangle.

And if your opponents attack with X/Circle then you will have to press the same buttons while holding down R2/RT.

If you don’t wish to block your opponent’s attack, you can also evade them. Once your opponent launches an attack, tap the left analog stick in any direction and your character will avoid that attack.

It is worth noting that evading your opponent’s attack creates a large distance between you and your opponent; restricting your ability to launch a counter-attack. To overcome this problem, you can press L2/LT and then tap the left analog stick in any direction.

By doing so, your character will evade incoming attacks while maintaining his/her position, giving you enough time to counter-attack.

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