GTA 5 Bail Bond Missions Guide – Locations and How To

By   /   Sep 21, 2013

The Bail Bond Missions in GTA 5 are accessed fairly early on, soon after taking control of Trevor. Your contact for these mission is a lady called Maude that Trevor seems friendly with. Head to the question mark icon on the map to begin these mission.

They mostly involve you trying to capture or take down Bail Bond Jumpers. You can shoot them, but it’s usually more satisfying and rewarding to capture them instead. They also pay out very well, in the range of $10,000.

You need to complete the ‘Mr. Philips’ mission to unlock these. For more help on GTA 5, read our Property Missions, Assassination Missions and 100% Completion Guide.

Bail Bond Missions Map

Bail Bond Target #1 – Ralph Ostrowski
You get this target after you leave Maude’s place (1) the first time. He’s not far, located in a nearby quarry called the Davis Quarry (2). His icon in blinking red and blue, meaning that you can kill him, or capture.

Wait until Ralph gets into a car, then drive after him, shooting at his vehicle as you go. Try not to hit him, as you’re trying to get him alive. Before long he should stop, get out of the car, and throw his hands up.

Get into a car and he’ll follow you and enter the passenger seat. Drive him back to Maude for your reward.

Bail Bond Target #2 – Larry Tupper
This target (3) is actually accompanied by some friends that you’ll have to go through. As you’re fighting his buddies, Larry makes a run for it. Kill the three others as quickly as you can, then use a stun gun on Larry himself. You can also sprint after him and hit him to achieve the same result.

The conversation Trevor has with Larry on the way back to Maude’s place is quite interesting as well. Apparently they know each other quite well, but money is money.

Bail Bond Target #3 – Glenn Scoville
This jumper is literally that, a jumper. You’ll find him at the top of Mount Chiliad (4) with a parachute and a friend. You can’t grab him while he’s there on top of the mountain without killing him, so you’ll have to allow him to jump, then grab the other parachute from next to his friend. And dive off after him.

The chase (or glide, if that’s what you want to call it) takes you all the way to the edge of the Alamo Sea (5). Stay just a little ways behind him, and when he gets up from his landing, you’ll find that you can land right on top of him to initiate a tackle animation.

The target will surrender here, but if you miss you can just tag him with a stun gun and take him back to Maude.

Bail Bond Target #4 – Curtis Weaver
The last target for you resides in a hobo camp around Mount Chiliad (6). This guy is going to fight back with a gun, but remember that you want him alive, so arm yourself with the stun gun.

He may also try to run towards the hill, but don’t let him get too far. Once he surrenders, it’s business as usual. Grab a ride, drive back to Maude’s for the reward. This time however, Maude tells you a little bit about herself and her dreams.

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