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LEGO: Lord of the Rings Characters Unlock Codes Guide – How To

If you have watched the series, you already know how many characters, you will come across in Lego: Lord of the Rings. Apart from the main characters, many characters are locked, and you are required to unlock by completing simple tasks or with the little help of the unlock codes.

Most of these characters will be unlocked after you complete different missions, others can be bought except for DLC characters, which will be made available via DLC.

The following guide will provide you information on unlocking different characters in the game:

Code: UE5Z7H
When you are in Helm’s Deep, he will attack you while you are around the staircase. Kill him to take the token, and then you can purchase him for 200,000 studs.

Bilbo Bargins
Code: J4337V
In Rivendell, after Frodo has been healed by Elround, walk of out of the room and move downstairs. Head left and use the first stairs leading to another room. Near this room, you will come across Bilbo Baggins who will be standing at the top of the stairs. He can be bought for 125,000 studs.

Boromir Captain

While you are in Lothlorien, you need to look for him in highest treetop structure in the town. It’s in the north side. You can unlock the character for 200,000 studs.

Code: RJV4KB

Code: R7XKDH

Elrond (Second Age)
Code: A9FB4Q
You need to get a 100% complete save file.

Code: U47AOG

She is in Edoras, in a cage which is raised. You may have to use the rope to get the bricks out of the way. You can have her in 125,000 studs.

Code: 7B4VWH.
She is right next to Celeborn (already mention above) at the highest structure in the town in the north end of Lothlorien. The price tag is 200,000 studs.

Code: AVJII1


Gondor Ranger
Code: LG5GI7

Grima Wormtongue
Code: BU95CB

Near the Lothlorien Elf, you will find a big staircase surrounded by statues. Go up the stairs to meet Haldir. You should have 200,00 to unlock it.

Code: 73HJP6
You can fund him standing in a guard tower beside a big fence. You will have to jump across the steep hill to reach Hama. The price tag of the character is 125,000.

King Of The Dead
Code: IH7E58

King Theoden (Cursed)
You can find him in Edoras, outside the main structure. He will usually be found near the map stone. You will require 200,00 to unlock him.

Lothlorien Elf
Code: C2A58D

Code: C19F3A

Moria Orc
When you are done with the Mines of Moria mission, you need to head back to the Mines of Mora map stone. Deal with the armored Orc and during the fight, you can purchase him for 25,000 studs.

Mouth Of Sauron
Code: F4M7FC
You need to finish the game at “Level 17: Mount Doom”.

Nazgul (Twilight)
You may be able to unlock it after doing a Lego LOTR Survey on

Prince Imrahil
You need to finish the game at “Level 17: Mount Doom” to unlock it.

Radagast The Brown
Code: 5LV6EB
You will run into Radagast if you take the road left to the town (Bree) to the north. The price is 500,00.

Ringwraith (Twilight)
Code: LYQU1F

While you are in Hobbito, you will find her walking in the northern streets. She will stop at the end of one of the northern streets. You can unlock her for 25,000.

Sauron (Second Age)
You need to finish the game at “Level 17: Mount Doom” to unlock it.

Code: PJB6MV

Tom Bombadil (Book Character)
In the south-eastern section of Hobbiton, you will find some addition hobbit holes. One of them is Bombadil’s. His size will make it easier to spot him. The price is 125,000 studs.

Uruk-hai AKA Lurtz (Newborn)
Code: QL28WB
You need to have a 100% complete save file.

Lego: Lord of the Rings DLC Characters
Following characters will come as DLC and you will have them earlier if you have pre-ordered the game:

  • Mini-Balrog
  • Mini-Balrog
  • Beregond
  • Corsair Pirate
  • Elrond (Second Age)
  • Farmer Maggot
  • Glorfindel
  • Prince Imrahil
  • Smeagol
  • Theodred