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Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs Locations Guide

Black Ops 2 generally has a very dark tone to it. However, sometimes the grimness gets all too much and the player simply needs something to chuckle at. Well, this is where the Easter Eggs come in. Cleverly scattered all over the game, Black Ops 2 has a lot of goofy hidden references to a lot of things.

We have compiled this guide for all the Black Ops 2 players to act as their compendium of Easter Eggs found in the game. So let’s not waste any more time and dive headfirst into our first Easter Egg.

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Thor’s Hammer Easter Egg
You can find this Easter egg in the second mission of the campaign called the “Celerium.” In the starting of this mission, you will face an objective above a bunker entrance. Right at that spot turn around and make your way through the damp trench in the jungle. Keep your eyes to the left and you will find an entrance to a small cave.

Inside this cave will be Thor’s hammer, you cannot pick it up though because you are not Thor. The cave is very dark so use thermal imagery to locate the hammer.

Standoff Map Easter Egg
In the Standoff Map in multiplayer mode of the game, you can find this Easter Egg. Basically, its a small note on one of the whiteboards saying that “Zombies are coming.” Maybe the developers are implying that we will see zombies in more maps soon.

Nuketown Song Easter Egg
Techno, Dubstep, Electronica or whatever you call it is popular as crazy these days. Hell, even zombies have taken a liking to it. You can listen to a bit of techno in Nuketown if you manage to find all the three teddy bears in it.

The first teddy bear is placed on a bench in the Bus station near from where you begin. The second teddy bear is found on the farm, which is the third stop on your bus ride. You can find the teddy bear upstairs on a blanket. The third and final teddy bear is in the Town, placed near the pool table inside the building where you can buy perks.

Get Kicked Off The Bus Easter Egg
Normally, the bus driver in the Tranzit mode is a jolly ol’ chap. However, if you unload a few clips of your pistol in his face, he may get a bit cranky. Not only that he will say to you “I hope you are sorry, asshole” then kick your ass off his bus, leaving you to get eaten by the zombies.

Ending Credits Easter Egg
If you are patient enough to let the ending credits roll all the way to the end after beating the game, you are in for a pleasant surprise. You get to see Avenged Sevenfold making a cameo in the game. Even Menendez joins them to belt out a few riffs on his guitars, after overcoming stage fright that is.

Shoot Hoops Easter Egg
Tired of killing of all the killing? Wanting to just shoot hoops and just chill out for a bit? Well, you can do exactly that in the Raid map of the multiplayer. In an outdoor corner of the map, you can find the basket ball court. The balls are lined up, just waiting for you to go all Ray Allen on them.

Nacht Der Untoten Easter Egg
Deep in the cornfields of the farm you will the Nacht Der Untoten map from World at War game. You need to go there on foot and be prepared to meet a lot of resistance on your way. This time around, there are no Nazis.

Zombies Music and Tower of Babel Easter Egg
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If you find any more Easter Eggs, share with us by commenting below!