Black Ops 2 Tower of Babble Achievement Guide

I am sure that by now, you have had your hands dirty by the blood of the gory undead in Black Ops 2. To make things more challenging (if you are an achievement hunter in particular), Treyarch has introduced an interesting achievement in the Tranzit campaign of Black Ops 2. This guide will help you earn this Black Ops 2 Tower of Babble Achievement.

The achievement/trophy, however, requires you to do plenty of things. So, if you have been wondering how one can crack this nut, the following guide will serve the purpose of assistance.

Black Ops 2 Tower of Babble Achievement

In TranZit, obey the voices.

To find buildable parts, read our Buildable Items Parts Locations.

Workbench Location
Under the radio tower with red blinking lights in the corn field

How to Get Tower of Bubble Achievement/Trophy
Before you begin, I will recommend that you use our Tranzit Zombies Guide to find the locations of different parts needed to unlock this achievement. Furthermore, you are going to need two players to unlock it. Now, let’s get started:

As the Tranzit begins on the bus depot, all four players are needed to build a turbine (all 4 of them). Collect all the parts and use them to build it. You must find the three essential components: a fan, a tale and a mannequin. Before you leave, you are going to need an EMP grenade that will come handy at the end. You can have one from the mystery box. Yes, it’s luck dependent.

After you have the grenade, take the bust to the power station (third stop). Leave the bus and open the door to get to the power station below. Here, you need to turn on the power (you need to find a zombie arm, a circuit board and the lever). Maxi will ask you to turn the power off as it interrupts the communication between you too. Turn the power off and wait for this speech to finish.

After you turn on the power, now is the time that you start following the voice. When you hear the voice, you need to turn off the power through the level. The green lights activated after turning on the power are the teleporting points you can use to move around.

Your next step is to find the Pylon hidden in the smoke in between the farm and the power station. Don’t take the bus this time rather go on foot. You will be able to spot a large structure in the cornfields. Right between the corn fields, you will be able to locate the tower. Denizens cant reach you here!

Here, you need to take care of the zombies until the electric boss appears,Avogadro, as he spawns right after you turn the power back on

Here, you need to take care of the zombies until the electric boss appears. You need to set-up two turbines below the pylon and wait for the voice to say kill the electric zombie. Keep in mind that you should not shoot it rather use the EMP grenade you have to take him out. You can also knife him multiple times to kill it.

After the electric undead has been dealt with, two of the players should stay at their turbines while the other two should head to the green lights (teleporting points) at the Diner and the Bus Depot while the other two should place them under the Pylon. Doing so will result in achieving the objective and the achievement will unlock.

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