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Borderlands 2 Siren Maya Builds Guide – Motion, Harmony, Cataclysm

It’s time to call in help from the wise Siren Maya, as things get tough and bony in the battlefield in Borderlands 2.

Being a versatile class with the ability to support, dish out damage, and dominate with amazing crowd control, the Siren has herself equipped to survive just about any type of encounter.

Here are a few ways to build your Siren. Note that the main focus is on co-op play, but suggestions for those looking to solo have also been given.

Note. If the Skill Builder doesn’t load the build for you correctly, open it separately and try to open a Skill Tree of any character. It will ask you to input your age, do that, and once you have gone past that age restriction window, try to open the build again; it will work this time.

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Build #1
“Harmonic Chaos”

It’s important to understand Maya’s role as an aggressive support in co-op games. For solo, you might want to take a few points out of the supportive abilities and invest them somewhere else.

As with all the classes, the Siren has a unique skill, Phaselock in Maya’s case, and is the central aspect how much damage she can deal. Because this is a mainly damage-oriented support build, most of the points will go into Cataclysm.

Though weapons work fine with every character, Maya is one that utilizes the add-on effects from the various abilities in the Cataclysm tree to do a large amount of extra damage. The three main abilities in this case are Cloud Kill, Blight Phoenix, and Ruin.

You want to work your way till Ruin as quickly as possible when building Maya, but it’s important to not forget about the essentiality of the skills in the Harmony tree. There are three support-based abilities that have been chosen in this tree, which are Restoration, Elated, and Res.

If you are playing solo, you might want to consider putting in some points in Sustenance, Mind’s Eye, and Sweet Release. But for co-op, you should do quite well in the back as you Phaselock enemies, heal allies by shooting at them, and dishing constant DoT damage with your Cataclysm abilities.

Build #2
“Statically Doomed”

It’s not always necessary to play Maya as a full-time healer/support. Even if it is, it doesn’t necessarily imply that she can’t dish out massive amounts of damage.

This build utilizes the Motion and Cataclysm trees to amplify your damage and improve the efficiency of the Phaselock. Like the previous build, we invest points into Cataclysm and take the all-important skills like Cloud Kill, Blight Phoenix, and Ruin.

In addition to the hardcore damage from these abilities, you also get a nice mix of crowd control and utility buff from the various chosen skills in the Motion tree line.

Accelerate is a typical damage and speed increasing ability, but it’s really stuff like Kinetic Reflection and Converge that makes Maya so unique. Converge will give you a massive amount of burst CC, and can severely cripple the momentous assault of a threatening group of enemies.

Quicken and Suspension are again there to give your Phaselocking much more zest, and they work best in-conjuction, so if you choose one of them, the other becomes a must-have.

Build #3
Give Order to the Universe”

Having a little bit of a difficult time with your team on an elevated difficulty level or a ridiculously tough boss? Well, you won’t progress much if you don’t have an extremely good support in your team, and there is no one better at doing that than Maya.

That’s why the powerful and selfless tree of Harmony will get a lot of love in this build, as we invest no less than 32 points in it. This generous enthroning is not for no reason – any veteran of Borderlands 2 will know that when the difficult escalates, it goes really steep, and can get out of hand at times.

Sweet Release, Restoration, Elated, Res – these are your main supportive skills for the build, while the rest of them give you a heck lot of sustenance and survivability, ensuring that you are healthy and ever-busy in supporting others with CC and healing.

The points in the Motion are really just a formality, but they do prove useful as they provide a decent amount of Shield and some other utility buffs.

Build #4
”From Other Worlds”

This build combines the first two builds to give a powerful and supportive Maya that is skilled dealing sheer Area damage, supporting allies with powerful healing abilities and crowd control, and having bonus buffs that would further make her powerful in the battlefield.

The focus is again on the Cataclysm tree here, as it contains all the essentials that will increase Maya’s damage and overall effectiveness against a large group of enemies. Because of her positioning in the back row during co-op games, she won’t really require much resource from the Motion tree.

However, if you plan to play solo, you might want to take out some supportive skill from Harmony and add the points in Motion instead.

Once again, your main source of damage here is Helios, Cloud Kill, Blight Phoenix, and Ruin, and your main healing supportive skills are Sweet Release, Restoration, and Res.

Don’t forget to share your own builds with us in the comments below!