Mass Effect 3 Armor Locations Guide

Survival of the fittest. I am sure; you have read it somewhere during your academic books so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, when I ask you to prepare yourself with everything, you can get to survive in Mass Effect 3.

Reapers are bad-ass; it would take more than just armor to fight them, but it does help evade some damage. If you are looking for solid armor pieces or a complete armor-set, continue reading below!

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Mass Effect 3 Armor Locations

Following are the armor pieces you will find throughout your adventure in Mass Effect 3:

Ariake Technologies Gauntlets
Location. Priority Mars – Look for it on the shelf inside the base in the security control room. You should notice just as you enter the room.

Kassa Fabrication Chestplate
Location. Priority Mars – At the roof of the base when you are to climb the ladder, pick it up from your left.

Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard
Location. Priority Palaven – Look for it in the pod with a weapons bench. It is next to the General’s pod.

Hahne-Kedar Greaves
Location. Priority Palaven – When you are leaving the Turian Camp and moving towards the communication tower, you should find it in the pod to your right.

Mnemonic Visor
Location. Grissom Academy – When you find Mattock, turn left. Look for it on the bench ahead near a kneeling student by the door.

Serrice Council Chestplate
Location. Grissom Academy – Look for it in the room next to the one where you find amp schematics. Go past the flaming bench section and look for it on the broken bench against the wall.

Armax Arsenal Greaves
Location. Priority Sur’kesh – When you come across a verren attacking your enemies in a room with multiple levels, stay on the lower level and move toward the desk to find these greaves.

Sentry Interface
Location. Priority Sur’kesh – Go past the greaves and beyond the ladder leading to the upper level, you should come across a bench with this interface.

Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard
Location. Attican Traverse: Krogan Team – When you are moving through the tunnels, you will come across a small waterfall just past the gestation pod groups. You should find this shoulder guard on the ground nearby.

Armax Arsenal Gauntlets
Location. N7: Cerberus Attack – Look for these in the northwest of the area when you are finding the control console.

Hahne-Kedar Chestplate
Location. Tuchanka: Extract Turian Survivors – After encountering harvester for the second time, you will run to a small drop-off where you will drop down. Move forward and hop over the short-barrier, and take a left to find this armor piece.

Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets
Location. Tuchanka: Bomb – After finding the Incisor and dealing with the enemies in the corridor, align yourself to the right and go towards the far wall to find this armor on the ground.

Capacitor Helmet
Location. N7: Cerberus Abductions – You will come to an area with numbers written all over the walls. Look for a dumpster under ’97’. This helmet is lying on the ground to the right of the dumpster.

Death Mask
Location. Priority: Tuchanka – When you are on the ground for the second time during this mission, look to your right for a Krogan working on a truck wheel. Look for this mask on the ground to Krogan’s left.

Recon Hood
Location. Priority: The Citadel – When you are going to an executor’s office, look on the left side of this room under the screen to find the recon hood.

Securitel Helmet
Location. Priority: The Citadel – Last room, on the left by the malfunctioning door. You will also find M-25 Hornet SMG here. This room is left of where you find the weapon.

Kassa Fabrication Greaves
Location. Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists – Inside the facility, look for it in the infirmary on the crate; take a right when you enter the infirmary.

Serrice Council Shoulder Guards
Location. Lesuss: Investigate Asari Colony – After meeting with Ardat-Yakshi, go to the next room and clear the enemies. Look for shoulder guards in a small office on a desk.

Archon Visor
Location. Priority: Geth Dreadnought – In the corridor while making your way through the dreadnought, you will come across this visor near one of the consoles on your right.

Rosenkov Materials Chestplate
Location. N7: Fuel Reactors – After taking control of your character, take a left, and you should find it on the crate ahead.

Armax Arsenal Chestplate
Location. Rannoch: Admiral Koris – It is near the right AA panel. It is one of the two panels you de-activate.

Kassa Fabrications Gauntlets
Location. Priority: Rannoch – Near the ladders when you are making your way to the upper entrance.

Umbra Visor
Location. Priority: Thessia – After stepping out of the shuttle, look for it on the ground next to the ammo boxes at the center of the courtyard.

Ariake Technologies Greaves
Location. N7: Communications Lab – When the mission begins, look for them on the ground level. You should find them on the ground by the column supporting the massive dishes.

Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guards
Location. Priority: Horizon – After entering the secret facility, pass through the second door and look for these shoulder-guards on your left. If you have reached the ladder, you have gone too far.

Serrice Council Greaves
Location. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters – Turn around after watching the first set of Illusive Man’s video logs.

Delumcore Overlay
Location. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters – After watching the second set of Illusive Man’s video logs, you should see a blue hole to your left. Go past that blue hole into the room on the right and look for this overlay behind the crates.

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