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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Side Quests Guide

Reckoning side quests give you a chance to take a breather from the main story-line and farm some gold. During your journey through Kingdom of Amalur, you will be presented with various side-quests from different NPCs.

Completing these side-quests will result in rewards and XP which you can use to unlock new abilities and talents to make your character formidable.

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Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Side-Quests

Following are some of the side-quests you will come across while playing Kingdom of Amalur:

Behind Bars
As the name suggests, you will have to get into jail by either doing something really stupid or by choosing to go in jail instead of paying a fine after you commit a crime.

Make sure that you keep your items stored, as all of the red mark items will be snatched away. You will only have one lockpick once you’re behind the bars, use it and get out. Make sure to retrieve your items.

Crisis of Faith
Gorhart, can be activated by Father Dynwel (St. Odwig’s Mission entrance). He will ask you to search for Brother Egan; he’s in the field which is at the eastern side of the town – just next to the O-shaped road. After finding him, follow him into the Waterhall Down for another adventure.

Keep following the tunnel where you will have to make a couple of right turns and fight off some enemies. There are numerous traps in the water and next to the Selkie Veil chest, so be careful.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll exit the dungeon and meet some fairies who can be persuaded for the Selkie Veil or killed for looting. Go back to finish the quest.

Gorhart, Collect and read the two letters from the Gorhart Cemetary so you can take the mission from Gizela Wulflac. Her husband is missing, so you will have to find him in Didenhill. He’s in the Three Lamps Inn.

Members Only
St. Odwig’s Mission, Gorhart. Talk to the crazy women – Sister Zelda, she’ll tell you to get her an Ordination Rites from the mission’s stacks. You can steal the book once the Father is not noticing you. Get it back to her to finish the quest.

Recipe for Trouble
The apprentice of Naane (Gorhart’s Alcemy Shop) is missing, go and talk to her so she will guide you. He is at the eastern side of the town (Agnur Farhai’ mini dungeon).

You will learn about his betrayal once you’ve talked to him. Destroy all the hostiles/boxes and ingredients of Naane’s formulae.

You may have to track the quest to locate all of the boxes, some are outside too. Simply return to Naane and tell her about this to complete the quest.

The Fisherman’s Bride
It is given to you by the Ettinmere fisherman Enconeg Holn, northeast quadrant. He will ask you to kill the monsters which scared off her bride.

Walk towards the south of the East Shore and make sure that you save your game. You will have to kill the Ettin brute who is at the top of the cliff before it kills the fisherman, otherwise you’ll fail the side quest.

Imdelda’s Charm
This is the continued story to the Fisherman’s bride. You will find the Ettin who stole the dead wife’s necklace, your mission is simple – get it back and get rewarded.

Shine and Shadow
Hoinstead – it is given to you by a gnome who can be found in the fisherman’s hut. Some Ettins have held a number of artifacts in Dellach, you will have to kill the three of them and then grab the unique weapons (items) and use them per your needs.

Out of the Past
St Odwig’s Mission’s bunroom – Talk to Brother Delf and he’ll give you the information. Now locate Ugnar in Gorhart, you will have to persuade or fight him to make him give up his dagger.

Find Itran in Haxhi now, you will have to fight a little harder to get his dagger, you can bribe him though. Once you’ve collected all three of the knives, go to Bloodstone Deep (Glendara) and hand them over to the Red Legion’s leader.

The leader will now ask you to kill the Delf, by accepting this you can loot his corpse and take the key to his chest (you can do this by pick-pocket too).

If you decline, the leader will attack you right there. If you decide to kill the leader, return to the Deff and make sure that you don’t visit the place again as the Red Legion members will attack you on sight.

Red in Tooth and Claw
This mission can be taken after you’ve located Ainmhi, the wolf who is cursed to live in human form. You can help him by wiping out the sprites.

Talk to him again and collect Leechwood (the large green glowing plants – Eastern Odarath) and get to the teleporting pool before it vanishes. Make the cure and give it to Ainmhi.

Knowledge Lost
Northern side of the Warsworn’s Shieldring Keep – find Oleander Sinclair and he will assign you a task to locate some items from the Warsworn Fortress.

The potion can be taken from the chest, it’s unlocked. Just make sure that you don’t raise any illegal activity by letting the guard lose all the awareness from you. Take the potion to Oleander to complete the quest.

Note: You can track the quest to reveal the location of the chest.

The Natural Order
This quest is started once you’ve reached Didenhill. Kill the little forker and Thaddeus will give you some information related to Blood Plague & Kester Barclay – Mayor.

You’ll be asked to go towards the Coilsbain Caverns and kill the Jottuns, there are about ten of them. There is another strong enemy named as Balthazar who can summon Faer Gorta. Kill all of them so the Boggarts can go home safely. Now report back to Didenhill.

Talk to Didenhil’s healer and she will ask you to locate a Brother Fallon. Just track the quest and look for the so called “plagueshield” shipments. Once you’ve collected all the items, go back and collect your reward.

Brother Fallon’s Beads
St. Hadwyn’s Beads is an accessory which you’ll get in the Plaguseshield. You will not be able to thrash it, go to St. Hadwyn Mission (Glendara) and talk to Brother Udo. Make sure that you make him certain that you believe in the ways of Mitharu in order to trigger this quest.

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The aetheistic believer will just give you some potions, you can follow Mitharu’s path and unlock all the potentials of the St. Hadwyn’s Beads. This mission will also help you create an item which can be used against Niskaru.

Stone bridge – Jedda Kerning will give you a quest when you first enter Lorca-Rane. Accept the quest and search for Turnin & search – Southeast of the entrance (Brunuath). You cannot use the sealed scroll, you will break it. Now go back to Jedda to complete the quest.

The Antelope
Oreyn was captured by the Jottun cause of worming out of a relationship with a woman whose name was Marga. You will have to defeat the Jottun and find Oreyn in a square courtyard (eastern of the Brigand Hall Caverns, Lorca-Rane). After that, talk to Marga to finish the quest.

If you meet Marga first then you can find her next to a small campsite, Lora-Rane. You may have to show the Silver Chain (Jottun Camp) as a proof that he’s alive or not.

Band of Brother Monks
Brother Hold (St. Eadri’s Shrine) at Haxhi will tell you to locate Brother Padric, who’s lost in a dungeon known as Splitrock Depths.

You will have to cross the cave terminals to reach the cliff of Haxhi, where the objective is. When you have got hold of the journal, return to the Shrine and let them know.

The Height of Crime
Haxhi – Stellan Reitan will ask you to do this quest. You can find him in a small camp situated next to the Splitrock Depths’ entrance. Enter the Dungeon and search for the journal, you will have to fight a Leanashe (counter it with ice attacks).

Note: Try to do the Band of Brother Monks and this together, as both are in the same dungeon.

A Tangled Web
You will get quest task from the town, Canneroc (Webwood). Garaner Vernt will ask you to search Barten and kill him.

Find him and then decide his fate, you will get his key to Gossamer End if you don’t (you will have to get back to Canneroc). You can get the same key from his corpse if you do.

Gossamer End
This is a side quest which will unlock your residence in Canneroc once you’ve completed the Tangled Web. The house costs 2500 gold to upgrade in which you get an Alechemy Workbench, a garden and some storage space.

Cutting the threads
This also comes after A Tangled Web, go and talk to Barten. You will be sent to Castle Yolvan to observe that how to get rid of Canneroc of the dread Widow.

Follow the castle’s path and claim all of the lorestones on your way. The widow will start attacking you with her colleagues as soon as you see her. Later on, she’ll teleport. Kill all the other enemies and escape.

Grim Harvest
Menri Togh from Canneroc will tell you to check out her family’s welfare in Webwood – you will have to visit the Togh Farm. The farm is at the south-eastern side of the town, next to Haxhi.

Grab all the items from the house and then go back to Canneroc and look for Cartery Jack. You can either bribe or kill him and return to the daughter for reward.

Ungentle Beasts
Simple quest that you can trigger from the Shieldring Keep’s jobs board. Find the book lost in Overgrown Thicket, Kobold Ridden Dungeon and take it to the Warsworn Master.

Rallying Cry
Another mercenary job – you can take it from the Shieldring Keep’s jobs board. Ettinmere – a warsworn camp was established, but there has been no word from them in the recent few days.

The camp is on the western edge of Ettinemere, just west to the Dellach. The contract will be upgraded once you get to know the situation, kill the enemies and report at the Shieldring Keep.

A Brutal Contract
It is given by the Sheildring Keep’s job board. You will have to contact the first contractor who is in Haxhi. Later on, destroy the mountain trolls in the district and collect your rewards from the contractor and the Sheildring Keep.

The Treasures of Meropis
You will have to put the ball found in the Ballads Library between Haxhi and Webwood into the echostone. Collect the lost treasures from Dalentarth (you can locate them by tracking the quest) and then sell them per your needs.

Dangers of the Sidhe
The region of Sidhe – you can take it from any of the Vorm brothers – Vorm Lodge. A woman is sick and you will have to grab a Searstalk to cure her. It’s pretty simple; just try to avoid the living creatures of the woods.

Hunting the Thresh
This is activated by talking to the woman whom you had healed in the Dangers of the Sidhe. She will explain what she had been through. Luca Soren will send you to take care of a bog thresh, counter it with fire and from a range.

Aggressive Brownies
Vorm Lodge, talk to the younger Vorm Brother and he will guide you. All you have to do is sweep and clean the road of The Sidhe to Alserund. Pretty simple and easy if you equip a fast weapon with moderate damage.

The Brownie Den
It is unlocked after completing Aggressive Brownies. Once you’ve located the agro-brownies, talk to Sihtric Vorm and move towards the Rundamir on the southern-edge of The Sidhe.

This dungeon has lots of enemies, so make sure that you’re well-armed. The brownies are killed easily so try to use ranged weapons against them.

The Crudoc boss will require something heavier and more powerful; the mission is completed after killing the boss.

The Flowering
Find and speak to Osdiun (northwest of the Brunath entrance), Lorca-Rane. You’ll be asked to assist a ballad known as the Flowering, collect some Chrysalae seeds from the region and take them to Fae. When you will be planting the seeds in the receptacles, you’ll face a couple of enemies.

Make sure that your defense levels are high and you have two different types of weapons. The fateshift meter can be helpful too, simply build it up by the help of the Barghest in the cave and then talk to Osduin.

Later on, you will have to kill 8 Sprites again (cave). Now talk to Osduin again and try to persue/argue with him for an alternate outcome of the Ballad. If you succeed, you will get a special item “The Gem of Cultivation”.

Note: You can also kill Osduin, but this way, he won’t be there as an NPC afterwards.

Every Sparrow Fallen
This quest is pretty simple – you will be asked to deliver a message to Selni, Lower Tunnels by a wounded man in Rathir.

Let us know which side-quest you have trouble completing and we will try to help you out.