SWTOR Gunslinger Build and Spec Guide – PVP/PVE

By   /   Jan 25, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic is quite a huge game, and a new wanderer in its engaging universe can easily become overwhelmed with how much to do, particularly the character development system.

I’ll be explaining the specializations of the Gunslinger in this guide, focusing on the respective rotations and builds for PvE and PvP games.

But first, let’s have a look at the basics, which apply to all classes:

The Basics
In SWTOR, the character development system is in the form of trees through which you can make your character stronger by adding points to certain abilities or skills. For those acquainted to games like League of Legends, the closest thing is the Masteries.

However, in SWTOR, the skills trees contain both active and passive attributes that can be enhanced.

The development system is distributed into three specialization trees. The first two are exclusive to a character advance class type. For example, for the Sith Assassin, the specific/exclusive skill trees are Darkness and Deception.

The third category or tree is one that is shared among the parent class’s sub-classes (or advanced classes); it is not exclusive to the character class type, being available for the other advanced class as well.

Using the Sith Assassin as an example, the third category or tree is Madness, which is also the third category for the Sith Sorcerer; both Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer sub-classes or advanced classes belong to the parent class ‘Sith Inquisitor’.

Now, if I were to distribute points among the specialization trees, I would designate it like (XX,XX,XX), where the ‘XX’ is the number of points, and the commas separate the three specializations/trees.

For a Sith Assassin Darkness specialization, I would go for configurations like (31,0,10) or similar, showing 31 points for Darkness, 0 for Deception, and 10 for Madness tree. In total, there will always be a maximum of 41 points available at level 50.

Now that we’ve understood how the system works, let’s see what kind of build and rotation is ideal in the vast PvE and PvP universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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The Gunslinger has the following specializations:

  • Sharpshooter
  • Saboteur
  • Dirty Fighting (shared)


The Sharpshooter is the most used and perhaps the most recommended specialization in the specializations available for the Gunslinger.

Priority List/Rotation

  • Flourish Shot
    Vital Shot
    Aimed Shot
    Trick Shot
    Speed Shot
    Charged burst
    Flurry of Bolts


  • Sabatoge Charge
    XS Freighter Flyby
    Thermal Grenade
    Sweeping Gunfire
    Thermal Grenade

Recommended PvE/PvP Builds: (31,7,3,), (32,5,4,), (31,5,5)
The three mentioned builds are quite similar, save a few points here and there. As obvious from the distribution, 31 points in the Sharpshooter tree is a total must. Do note that since the Gunslinger is more of a DPS with a dynamic energy system, the focus is more on a priority basis rather than plain abilities rotation spamming.

You should always try to have a quick aim up before using aimed shot as it will reduce its activation time significantly. Once again, remember to prioritize abilities depending on mob/enemy type, circumstances and the obvious cool-down factor – rotation based play simply does not work with the Sharpshooter Gunslinger.


Priority List/Rotation

  • Sabotage Charge
    Shock Charge
    Speed Shot
    Charged Burst
    Flurry of Bolts

Recommended PvE/PvP Builds: (3,30,8), (17,24,0), (0,22,19)
The first build is an obvious standard, most commonly used for a pure Saboteur Gunslinger. Its effectiveness is equal both in PvP and PvE games. The second and third builds are more like hybrids. The (17,24,0) build focuses more on less active gameplay, in which cover is necessary.

However, speaking in-terms of DPS rating, this build does benefit from some skills from the Sharpshooter specialization. The (0,22,19) build is far better for PvP games than it is for PvE games, though it can be used for certain PvE scenarios. In short, for an all-round performance, the best build is the original (3,30,8) type.

Dirty Fighting

The Dirty Fighting variant is a highly mobile skirmisher, adept at speeding around and gunning old-west style.

Priority List/Rotation

  • Vital Shot

Shrap Bomb
Hemo Shot
Wounding Shot
Flurry of Bolts

Recommended PvE/PvP Builds: (5,5,31), (2,8,31)

The two builds are quite similar, except for added points in Saboteur in the second one. The aim with the Dirty Fighting variant is to be as mobile as possible, and within that mobility try to do damage to both single targets and/or multiple targets.

It is best to start with Vital Shot your main target, then Shrap Bomb for hitting the surroundings of the main target, and continuing on. This is energy costly, but then again, the Gunslinger isn’t supposed to rotation oriented – try to prioritize the abilities. Of course, use Flurry of Bolts between cool-downs.

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