Skyrim Unique Armor Locations Guide

By   /   Nov 14, 2011

Similar to weapons, every armor piece in Skyrim has a unique style and look. Skyrim offers more options when it comes to armor with each race having a distinct armor set unique to that race.

Most of the armor you will find in Skyrim has a Nord’ written all over it – but if you explore, you will find some unique pieces of armor which you can equip and enchant to create your own custom Armor Set.

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Following are the unique armor pieces you can find in Skyrim:

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Unique Armor

Shield of Solitude
Location. The Blue Palace in Solitude.
Complete Side Quest – The Wolf Queen Awakened and you will get this item as a gift from Falk Firebeard. It improves your resistance against magic by 10% and block by 15%.

Party Boots, Clothes
Location. Katla’s Farm
You will get these items during Main Quest – Diplomatic Immunity.

Gauldur Amulet Fragment
Location. Folgunthur
You will find it on the corpse of Mikrul Gauldurson, during the Side Quest – Forbidden Legend. You get a boost of health.

Execution Hood
Location. Abandoned Shack
You will find it with the captives during Dark Brotherhood Quest – With Friends Like These.

Movarth’s Boots
Location. Movarth’s Lair
Search it by the bed in the corner at the back of the cave. You get fortify sneaking skill.

Ancient Helmet of the Unburned
Location. Labyrinthian
You will find it in a corner behind a locked gate in the Labyrinthian Tribune on top of a sword, druing College of Winterhold Quest – The Staff of Magnus.

Jester’s Armor – Boots, Clothes, Gloves, Hat
Location. Dawnstar Sanctuary
There are two possible locations to find Jester. 1# on a table in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, 2# in the chapel of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Cicero’s Armor – Boots, Clothes, Gloves, Hat
Location. Dawnstar Sanctuary
Cicero, keeper for the Dark Brotherhood. You can kill him during Dark Brotherhood Quest – The Cure for Madness to get his armor.

Worn Shrouded Armor – Boots, Cowl, Gloves
Location. Dawnstar Sanctuary
In the Dawnstar Sanctuary, during Dark Brotherhood Quest – The Cure for Madness.

Tumblerbane Gloves
Location. Dawnstar Sanctuary
To get these gloves, upgrade your Dawnstar Sanctuary Bedroom during Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quest – Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head. It improves your lockpicking.

Jeweled Amulet
Location. Volunruud
You will get this Amulet as a reward from Amaund Motierre during Dark Brotherhood Quest – The Silence Has Been Broken.

Jagged Crown
Location. Korvanjund Crypt
You will get this crown during Civil War Quest – The Jagged Crown.

Archmage’s Robes
Location. College of Winterhold
You will get it as a reward from Tolfdir at the end of College of Winterhold Quest – The Eye of Magnus. It reduces your spell cost.

Savos Aren’s Amulet
Location. College of Winterhold
You will get it as a gift from Mirabelle Ervine when you complete College of Winterhold Quest – Containment. You get magicka bonus with this item.

Mystic Tuning Gloves
Location. College of Winterhold
You will get it as a gift from Drevis Neloren after you complete College Radiant Quest – Out of Balance.

Shield of Ysgramor
Location. Ysgramor’s Tomb
Loot the chest near Ysgramor’s Sacrophagus during The Companions Quest – Glory of the Dead. You get Health and Magic Resistance Boost.

Saarthal Amulet
Location. Saarthal
You will find this amulet during College of Winterhold Quest – Under Saarthal. It reduces spell cost.

Gauldur Amulet Fragment
Location. Saarthal
You will find it on the corpse of Jyrik Gauldurson during Side Quest – Forbidden Legend. Get magicka bonus.

Helm of Yngol
Location. Yngol Barrow
On top of the head of the skeleton sitting on the throne at the end of this dungeon. It boosts your frost resistance.

Shrouded Armor,Boots,Cowl,Shoes,Gloves,Cowl Maskeless,Hand Wraps, Hood
Location. You will find the Boots,Armor,Gloves,Cowl Maskeless,Hand Wraps,Shoes,and Hod from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
Collect these items from the Shelf in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Astrid;s Foyer. These items can collectively give you 20% improved Archery,25% Sneak,Muffle,Double backstab damage.

Nightingale Boots,Gloves,Hood,Armor
Location. Find the above items from the Nightingale Hall.
You’ll receive these items after you end the Guild Quest”Trinity Restored”. These items will result in improved prices,Muffle,Resist Frost and Improve Illusion,+10% Sneak and +10% Destruction and the Pickpocket and lockpicking is also enchanced.

Ancient Shrouded Armor,Boots,Cowl,Gloves
Location. Collect all these items from Hag’s End.
Find these items on a dead assassin during the Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quest”The Feeble Fortune”. All these goods will enhance archery by +35%,Muffle,+100% poison resist,one-handed sneak will cause double damage.

The Gauldur Amulet
Location. Grab this item from the Reachwater Rock.
Finish the side quest “Forbidden Legend”.It will provide you +30 stamina,health,magicka.

Andurs’Amulet of Arkay
Location. Collect this item from Hall of the dead in Whiterun.
You’ll be rewarded with this item durring the ‘Andurs Arkay Amulet’Quest and will receive +10 health.

Ironhand Gauntlets
Location. Find this item in White River Watch.
Look for Hajvarr Ironhand who is holding the item and you’ll get this by killing him. Gaining +15% Two-Handed.

Stange Amulet
Location. Collect this item from Hjerim in Windhelm.
Finish “Blood on the Ice” Side Quest to get this item.

Necromancer Amulet
Location. You’ll find this item in the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.
Complete side Quest “Blood on the ice” to recieve this item which will result in +50 Magicka,-75% Health/Stamina regeneration,+25% Conjuration.

Ebony Mail
Location. Collect this item from the Knifepoint Ridge.
End the “Boethiah’s Calling” Quest to receive this item which will enhance the Muffle/Poison Cloak.

Savior’s Hide
Location. It is located in the Bloated Man’s Grotto.
Finish the “I’ll Met by Moonlight” Quest to get this item and receive +15% magic and poison resistance.

Oghma Infinium
Location. It can be found in the Septimus Signus’s Outpost.
Get this item by completing the”Discerning the Transmundane” Daedric Quest and get the +5 increase to either combat,magic or stealth.

Targe of the Blooded
Location. It is can be found the Alftand Cathedral in Alftand.
Umana the Adventurer carries this item and you’ll receive 3 bleeding damage while bashing.

Silver-Blood Family Ring,Armor,Boots,Helmet,Gauntlets of the Old Gods
Location. All these items can be found in Markarth.
You can find these during the “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine” Side Quest where you’ll need to side with the Forsworn. Receive +20% sneak and archery,+30 Magicka,+20 Smiting and -15% cost to all destruction spells after collecting these items.

Ogmund,Raerek’s Inscribed Amulet of Talos
Location. Both are located in the Understone Keep in Markarth.
Complete the “Sentenced to Death” Dark Brotherhood Quest to gain +20 smiting and use the amulet in the”Triumph Over Talos” Quest to blackmail Ogmund and receive shout reload time reduced by 20%.

Masque of Clavicus Vile
Location. Haemar’s Shame
Complete “A Daedra’s Best Friend” Quest to get this item and achieve +10 Speech/+5 Magicka Regen/+20% Prices.

Gloves of the Pugilist
Location. Riften
It can be found in the Ratway also resulting in +10 Unarmed.

Thieves Guild Armor,Boots,Gloves,Hood
Location. Ragged Flagon in Riften.
Tonilia will give these items to you during the “Loud and Clear” Thieves Guild Quest.You can gain +15 Lockpick,Pickpocket,+10 Prices improved and +20 Carry.

Guild Master’s Armor,Boots,Gloves,Hood,Amulet of Articulation
Location. Ratway Cistern in Riften.
Receive Amulet of Articulation from Brynjolf in “Under New Management” Quest and the rest of the items from Tonilia in the”Under New Management” Quest.All these items will let you gain +50 carry,+35% pickpocket and lockpick,+20 improved prices.

Improved Thieves Guild Gloves,Armor,Boots,Hood
Location. All can be found in in Ragged Flaggon in Riften.
Once you complete the “Scoundrel’s Folly” Quest,Tonilia will give you all these items resulting in +25% lockpick and pickpocket,+15% improved prices and +35 carry.

Helm of Winterhold,Hrolfdir’s Shield,Moon Amulet,Noster’s Helmet,Ring of Pure Mixtures,Roggi’s Ancestral Shield,Shahvee’s Amulet of Zenithar,The Forgemaster’s Fingers
Location. All these items can be found randomly throughout the game.

If you find more unique armor pieces, do share them with us in comments below!

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